Canada charges man for murder after fatal stabbing at North Vancouver library

Hypothetical Crime Scene

Canadian authorities charged a suspect with murder in the fatal stabbing of a woman and the wounding of six others in an early afternoon attack at a library in a Vancouver suburb on Saturday, police said.

Yannick Bandaogo, 28, was charged with second-degree murder, North Vancouver’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police homicide team said on Sunday.

The female victim was in her late 20s, but was not named in a police statement. The six taken to the hospital do not have life-threatening injuries, the statement said.

Video from the scene outside the library, which was near a busy shopping area, appeared to show a man injuring himself with a knife before being pounced on by police.

“He has undergone surgery for self-inflicted wounds and is currently in police custody,” police said on Twitter, where they also announced a news conference at the library on Monday.

Police said the suspect’s background, history in British Columbia and relationship to the victims, if any, were still being determined.

The motive for the attack is under investigation and no further details were provided.

Broadcaster Global News showed images of a memorial of candles and flowers brought by community members forming on Sunday morning on the sidewalk outside the scene of the stabbing.

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