Birthstone: Benefits of Wearing Astrological Stones

Astrological stones are very beneficial for improving your concentration, confidence, productivity, marital life, studies, monetary affairs, and whatnot. Astrological gemstones can help you achieve the desired success, your hard work’s desired results and make you excel in your field of your choice. 

Astrological stones are also known as zodiac gemstones or birthstones as they are worn according to one’s birth date and their stars’ position. It is so because one’s birthdate is an essential factor in determining his or her astrology, zodiac sign, and position of stars.

Sometimes due to a unfavourable positioning of your stars, malevolent planets activate and bring bad luck, peace disruption, lack of productivity, loss of money, loss of prestige, and the worst of everything that you can expect. In this case, astrological gemstones help a lot. These gemstones lend you their vibrant energy and help to weaken the effect of these hostile planets, which disrupt your life and be dangerous in other ways.

All Astrological Gemstones are not to be worn by everyone. These gemstones need to be worn according to one’s astrology, zodiac signs, and birth date. You must also know the right carat or Ratti of the gemstone which you need to wear to work it effectively for you. Let us now see the different benefits of wearing astrological gemstones.

Benefits of wearing astrological stones

There are countless benefits of wearing your birthstones. Let us read about the benefits of different astrological stones for the wearer.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj for Sagittarius and Pieces sunsign

Yellow sapphire is ruled by a mighty planet, ‘Jupiter.’ Jupiter is known to protect the earth from various asteroids, meteorites and prevents the destruction of the earth, and so does this gemstone. Jupiter or budh is also a planet of respect. Therefore, pukhraj attracts respect for the wearer. There are multiple benefits of this gemstone. Yellow sapphire prevents the wearer from any ill effects on their life and brings happiness and contentment. Yellow Sapphire helps the wearer shed extra body fat and prevents the wearer from any skin disease. It is known for women wearing Pukhraj to bring a wonderful married life, a genuinely loving and wealthy life partner. It is very suitable for people in fields such as teaching, legal, writing, etc. It is believed that Pukhraj gives you courage and power to face all the bad situations in your life.

Diamond for Aries, Virgo and Libra

Venus rules diamond. Just like its calm look and color, diamond is most known for bringing peace and calmness in one’s life. It is most beneficial for a Virgo or Libra because, for them, it is known to bring bliss, wealth, and recognition. A person with a short temper should consider wearing a diamond as it cools down a person. It is also beneficial for people suffering from depression. A diamond is known to bring lavishness, comfort, and prestige to one’s life. A diamond is made for the people who want to live life, king size. A diamond wipes off all the pessimistic thoughts from one’s life.

Ruby for Cancer and Libra sunsign

Ruby is ruled by the most powerful planet in our solar system, Sun. Due to this, it brings power, braveness, energy, and vitality to one’s life. Since ancient times, it is one of the most popular gemstones among the powerful. The most fearless warriors are known to wear Manik gemstone. Ruby brings a lot of fame and prestige to one’s life. One wearing it is always blessed with good luck and mental strength. It is also known to ward off all the evil and negative energy in one’s life. Manik helps the wearer overcome financial issues and is also helpful in curing Vitamin-D deficiency (just like its ruling planet, Sun). It is also beneficial in curing gut-related problems such as indigestion, diarrhea. While Ruby brings in authority and power in one’s life, you should even know that this extraordinary power can also come arrogance. So, if you are a bit short-tempered, make sure you consult an experienced astrologer before wearing this.

Red Coral for Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus

The Planet Mars governs red coral. Mars is the god of warfare, and so munga is known to bring the courage of a warrior to the wearer. It is known to increase confidence and bravery in the wearer. It helps in facing challenges. It prevents the wearer from any sort of black magic by the enemies. A red coral is also very helpful in studies. The wearer is likely to get sharp-minded and will be able to crack competitive exams. It helps the wearer get rid of fever, headache, piles, paralysis, and many diseases. It is also suitable for mental health as it blesses the wearer with confidence and energy. Pregnant Women wearing Red coral three months before their delivery have more chances of a normal and safe delivery. 

Emerald for Gemini, Leo, Taurus

The ruling planet of Emerald is mercury, and so it brings wisdom to the wearer. A wearer of Emerald is a good orator. A good orator needs to be wise and confident all the time. Successful orators are also very quickly able to establish trust among the public and people. Emerald brings success to the people working in creative fields, such as media, advertisement, writing, etc. Emerald is also popularly known as the stone of prosperity, and so justifying its name brings wealth and financial fulfillment in one’s life. It also bestows the wearer with marital harmony. One gets satisfaction, love, and balance in their married life.

Well, now that we know about the benefits of wearing different astrological gemstones, let us now proceed further with some aspects that you should keep in mind while wearing gemstones. To gather even more information and narrow down your options to make the process completely hassle-free, you can check the content available on Birthstone Guide.

Amethyst for Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius, Aries

This beautiful purple stone can bring peace and calm in your life in abundance. It is a natural tranquilizer and attracts very positive energy from the cosmos for the wearer. It helps you clear your mind and plant seeds of positive thoughts that encourage you. It helps relieve any stress that may arise due to any tension or situation around you. It also impacts your overall aura and makes to appear a calmer person. More and more people will often approach you for advice and help in their personal problems as the stone makes to express mature thoughts.

Correct ways of wearing gemstones

Keeps these things in mind while wearing gemstones to squeeze every ounce of benefits from the gemstones:

Always wear natural gemstones. Chemically treated gemstones are harmful to your health and don’t have the same healing properties and benefits that the naturally treated and processed gemstones have. Please make sure you get gemstones from a trusted seller. We will discuss where you can buy gemstones online in the latter part of this article.

It is better to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing any astrological gemstones. Gemstones indeed are beneficial, but if they are worn incorrectly, they can have very adverse effects on one’s personality, life, and harmony.

When you wear gemstone jewelry, please ensure that it is in direct contact with your skin. This prevents any loss of power from the gemstone and provides the correct and proper flow of the gemstone’s energy through your body.

These were some of the general ways of wearing astrological stones. Let us now proceed towards another essential part of this article, where we will discuss where you can buy gemstones online.

How to buy gemstones online?

Buying gemstones online is an effortless yet complicated process at the same time. If you have the right amount of knowledge, you can get pure, authentic, and precise gemstones online. Thousands of scammers are waiting for you to take a loose step and lose all your hard-earned money. While buying gemstones, make sure that the seller has all the necessary certification with the gem, there labs in India which provide certificates. Also know, the higher the carats, the more beneficial is a gemstone. With higher carats, the price also increases, so if you are getting too good to be true kind of deal, it is better to avoid it. For security purpose, you can checkout authentic online gemstone portals such as

The bottom line

While gemstones are very beneficial for everyone, having the right amount of knowledge about them can prove to be even more beneficial for you. Make sure you consult an experienced astrologer for the same. Gemstones work the best when you trust them and stay positive.

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