Bhoomika Kalam, A new revolution and power of astrology in the life of youngsters


Healing once life, working for people, giving them motivation is not an easy task because it includes extreme sadness and depression but an astrology expert and famous tarot card reader from Indore is handling all that aspects and providing relevant solutions easily.

Here, we are talking about a well known name in astrology today, Bhoomika Kalam. Not only adults, but hundreds of youngsters are also getting benefits from her services today. She is helping them to get out from depression and misguidance.

Most of the youngsters face certain issues at the time span of Covid pandemic and she successfully handled all their mental issues by her flawless techniques specially the tarot reading.

In Indore press club she suggested so many things for the youngsters.

You made a big stand for helping people but can you share us your process and perception?

The biggest challenge of my life is to awake people and give them path towards their successful future. For that, I initiated ‘Astro Bhoomi’ in Indore and on my website anyone can contact me for getting help for every type of problem. There are very few personalities who actually understand and heal the problems of common people and I am concentrating for helping them and understand them with the help of my knowledge related with Vedas, Tantras and meditation. I know very well that it is an endless journey what I chose but I am ready to take every challenge which is related with well being of people.

Youngsters are far away from astrology and ancient techniques today. What are your thoughts on that?

As we all know very well that youngsters are busy with doing parties, playing mobile games, social media and related stuffs and that’s the reason why they are not paying attention towards all the valuable things like studies, career and astrology. Yes, it is sad situation because the whole world is learning astrology from us, but youngsters of our country are ignoring it and forgetting it because they hardly believe on it. They must understand that astrology is a strong science and there are some certain logics behind everything in once life span.

Can you suggest how to handle career and future related issues?

One word I would like to mention in this regard is ‘clarity’. The biggest problem between youngsters is that they are lacking clarity. Most of them don’t even know how to start and where to start from when it comes to career and that’s where astrology and related techniques become a powerful source to find out clarity in once life. If they follow suggestions provided by my side, they will defiantly get clear about their future endeavors.

Lack of concentration is also one of the major problems in between youngsters of our country. What is the solution for that according to you?

In my opinion, regular water to surya (sun) at the time of sunrise is one of the greatest and powerful remedy for concentration related issues. It actually makes you disciplined and maintains the balance of body, mind and spirit. In real, it includes 7 colours and water works as prizma and it positively affects our chakras. It heals our inner personality and makes us concentrate easily on anything.

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