Best Online Coaching Tool for Client Engagement

Client engagement is a relevant aspect of productive therapy sessions. Your ability to motivate clients and engage them in activities is central to the effectiveness of your sessions. And while it could be easy to achieve client engagement during physical sessions, it is just as necessary to keep your clients engaged through the entire week when you cannot be physically present with them.

Many things go on with people during the week when they have to deal with work and domestic duties. These activities can leave your clients overwhelmed, stress, and less pumped to participate in your next session with them if you do not keep them motivated through the week.

This is why you need online coaching tools to help maintain communication with your client and keep them productive in between your physical sessions with them.Coaching apps make it easy to engage your clients and keep them connected even while they go about their daily routines without overwhelming yourself.

Benefits of online coaching tools

If you have coaching software for your business, it allows you to keep your clients engaged through the following methods;

  • Scheduling exercises for clients to carry out over the week
  • Creating customized digital care paths to motivate and inspire your clients in between physical sessions
  • Gathering client responses through surveys and feedback forms to determine the best methods to give them the best results
  • Sharing micro-learning or psycho-education with your clients
  • Sending automated reminders and follow-up for unfinished tasks
  • Tracking the progress of your clients to determine their level of engagement and participation

Choosing the best coaching software for your business

If you would like to get the best out of your coaching apps, you should not just pick randomly from the various applications offered for sale. There are factors you must consider to determine what application would work best for you. Some of these factors are:


Any coaching app you choose must be easy to use, not just by yourself but also by your clients. Clients would be willing to participate in activities when using an application with a simple user interface.


Before you choose an online engagement tool, you should ask yourself if it meets your business requirements.  Consider what activities you will be creating and what digital documents you will need to share with clients in between sessions. Make sure any app you are choosing can carry out the activities you plan to do effortlessly.


Restricting your clients to applications that only function on desktop computers or even laptops may not yield the desired results. Go for options that offer mobile alternatives your clients can have on their smartphones and do their tasks on the go.

Get the best online coaching tool for client engagement.

You can create digital versions of any resources you use for your clients with ease with a tool like Quenza.

Quenza makes client engagement a breeze, allowing you to organize activities, follow up on clients and do assessments with ease. And the best part is you do not have to overwhelm yourself with the workload. The Quenza software also comes with a mobile version for your clients to use on the go, which inevitably makes client engagement easier for you to achieve.

If you want a user-friendly, versatile application that will help manage the coaching aspect of your coaching business even while you effectively engage your clients to keep them prepared for the next session.

You can get Quenza on trial for 30 days for $1. This will help you test the product and determine whether it will meet all your coaching requirements or not.

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