Beach-Inspired DIY Home Decorating Ideas


The cool breeze, splashing of water, and the endless sunlight are some of the sea’s most enchanting features, and you experience all these whenever you are on any majestic beach. These feelings evoke tranquility and calmness in us. Those who always want to enjoy these feelings even when they are not on the beach can incorporate the relevant designs in their homes. 

Summer is always an ideal period for you to infuse all these natural designs and decorations that are inspired by the sea – commence your beach theme décor without wasting time. You can get items like ropes, sea stars, corals, cowries, shells, driftwood, and other eye-popping decorations that add real color and vibrant energy to the overall appearance. Apart from these, it would help if you had an intrusive mix of various shades of white, blue, and light grey so you can have that brilliant beach style. When it comes to the combination, you are at liberty to blend the items together however you like it. Below are some of the ideas you can utilize: 

  • Driftwood-Starfish Mix

In this one, you can have massive driftwood in a vertical position; then you have a rope or twine all over it. On the rope, you get to attach items like seashells, starfish, conch shells, sea sticks, and even pearls if you can. You can also have a jar of white sand by the arrangement for you to have that comprehensive look of a beach. You should remember to be as creative as possible as there is no limit to the kind of design you can develop. 

  • Shell Table

Here, it is nice if you can get a big white table, and then you get all kinds of seashells and crustaceans then you fix all over the table using glue. From the edges of the table to the legs, ensure that everywhere is covered with the shells. You can vary the color of the shells and arrange everything in such a way that you are able to get an outstanding appearance. You can also mix shells of different sizes and shapes so that you come up with a striking look. 

  • Starfish Door

The same way you get to attach shells all over your table is the same way you will have the design all over your door. The only difference here is that you will cover the door with starfish instead of various kinds of shells. Once again, you can go for starfish of different shapes, sizes and colors. A mosaic of colors will give you a brilliant outcome. You can even add some extra layer of creativity by fixing lights on the door so that you can get that extraterrestrial look when it is night – you can also blend different colors of light and produce the rainbow effect. There is no limit to the kind of design that you can come up with. 

  • Sea Bunch

What you do here is collect as many sea twigs as possible; you can even collect them directly from the beach yourself and arrange it in the form of a crown or a circular fashion. After that, you place shells, starfish and pearls in various parts of the sea twigs collection. Everything is what forms your sea bunch. You can choose whatever size or configuration that you want. 

  • Sea Lamp Holder

Instead of going for the regular and bland candle or lamp holder, you should include some shells inside the lamp holder. It would be best if you also poured some beach sand inside the transparent lamp or candle holder. There are specialized holders in various stores that you purchase. 

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