Bankroll Management When Playing Online Slots


Bankroll management is among the most critical aspects to consider when gambling. Real-money slots offer some of the most significant winnings of all casino games, but they still give a negative experience to users. Therefore, the chances of losing are higher than those of winning. With actual cash on the line, it is easy to get derailed chasing wins, which burns a hole in your wallet. Even when using small bets worth pennies in pokies, they accumulate in the long run and amount to a significant figure. It is crucial to be ready to handle your finances while having fun at the reels, and here are pointers on how to do so:

Set a Budget

Before launching slot gameplay, ensure you determine the amount you are willing to spend during the entire session. The funds set aside should be within the limits of what you are ready to lose. Since pokies are negative expectation games, you should approach them only with funds you can do without. The cash spent in slot gambling should be treated the same way as any other entertainment expense. Setting aside a specific amount lets you gamble without worrying about affecting other areas of your life. That way, even if you are out of luck and lose everything, you can still handle other expenses in your life.

Avoid Using Credit Cards

Using credit cards to gamble means spending money you do not have. Credit and debit cards are some of the easiest ways to conduct transactions with online casinos, but they also encourage the most recklessness. Keep in mind that credit cards run on funds you have to pay back to the bank. Therefore, the last thing you want is to run up debt playing slot games. Like the United Kingdom, some countries have taken the initiative to ban the use of credit cards for gambling services to curb gambling addiction.

Confirm the Bet Limits

The variations in slot machines go beyond their appearance, payouts, and bonus features. These games also differ in the stakes they accept, and they can be as little as a penny to as much as $5000 per round. Consider your budget to determine the perfect pokie for gameplay. The accepted wagers can be confirmed using the demo slots since they mirror the real money ones. When doing so, learn about the steps taken during bet placement. Some pokies allow the adjustment of bet lines, coins, and coin denominations while others only provide one field for the procedure. 

Play High RTP Games

It is impossible to predict slot gameplay results, but some metrics can provide theoretical projections. One such metric is the Return-to-Player rate, which gives the long-term average of the wins the game is likely to award. For example, a pokie with a 97% RTP awards $97 for the bets of $100 placed over a long period. Payout odds are calculated over thousands or even millions of spins, so they cannot be used to tell the exact winnings of a pokie. Nonetheless, the pokies with high RTP odds tend to grant better winnings than those with low odds. Good  pokie machines have Return-to-Player percentages of 95%.

Use Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses are an attractive tool used by nearly every slot casino to encourage punters to create accounts, deposit cash, and play the listed games. These bonuses are often directed at slot enthusiasts since the games are usually the most provided. These boons provide free funds that can be used to generate real money wins in gameplay. Each gaming site has unique offers for its audience, but they fall into similar categories including:

  • Free spins – these offers are explicitly created for slot games, and they allow punters to play with no charges to their accounts. Each spin comes with a predetermined value that can be as high as five dollars.
  • Matchups – these bonuses reward gamblers with a percentage of their deposit. The prizes are often reserved for welcome packages, and they can span over one or several cash-ins.
  • Cashbacks – these incentives give back a portion of the amount used in bets, and they often cover the encountered losses.

When claiming these offers, confirm that they have lenient terms, including low wagering requirements and reasonable shelf life. Also, ensure that slot machines have a clearance rate of 100%, making them the most suitable to use the bonuses.

Manage the Stakes

Even with a bankroll set aside, you still have to determine the stakes you will place in each round. Let your budget determine how much you are willing to spend when playing. Firstly, decide how long you want to gamble. If you are looking to play slots for two hours, it is advisable to divide your bankroll into 200 – 300 wagers. If you are only gambling for a few minutes, your average stake can be more significant. If your bankroll is small and you would like to play for long, choose penny slots since they accept low stakes that will last long.  

Set Aside Winnings

Approach each slot gambling session with a win target and loss limit. Once you achieve your win goal, withdraw all the funds and leave the equivalent of the stake you started. For instance, if you begin playing with $100 and achieve your payout goal of $500, cash out $400 and continue gambling with the rest. That way, even if you lose the remaining $100, you are still $300 ahead of the gambling establishment. 

Know When to Quit

Playing slots does not always go as planned, which means you can end up losing all your gambling funds. If this happens, walk away from the gambling session and come back another time when you have the bankroll. Trying to chase losses, you are likely to end up in even more losses. 

Join a Slots Club

Take advantage of slot clubs where players are rewarded for bringing their business to the gambling club. Punters collect points as they place real-money bets. Once they accumulate, the points can be used to move up the VIP ladder, claim bonuses, or change for real money.


Keeping your finances in check when playing slots is hardly a tasking affair considering how easy it is to play the games. Nonetheless, bankroll management goes a long way in ensuring that gameplay sessions are more enjoyable.

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