Austrian Chancellor requests more transparency in COVID Vaccine distribution

People walk down a shopping street amid the government reopening bigger shops as well as small businesses in a loosening of the second lockdown due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Vienna, Austria

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is calling for more transparency in how coronavirus vaccines are being distributed to European Union member nations, saying numbers indicate some countries are receiving more than their fair share.

Kurz spoke in Vienna on Friday, saying when he and other European leaders had received the latest numbers, “many couldn’t believe their ears.”

He said even though the EU had agreed upon even distribution of the vaccines on a per capita basis, as of the end of June the Netherlands had received double the number per person than Croatia, for example.

Austria, he said without giving any figures, was somewhere in the middle of the group.

He cited Bulgaria and Latvia as two other countries where deliveries had been low, and Malta as another country that had received far more.

“This is a clear contradiction of the political goal of the European Union that every member nation gets the same number of vaccine doses per person,” he said.

He said that discrepancies had to be rectified, so that it doesn’t turn out that some countries have completed vaccination programs while others still have months to go while waiting on doses.

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