Aries Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th March 2021


Love and Relationships

This week may be good in terms of love and marriage relationships. If it feels like you haven’t had the right work-life balance lately, you may now take the actions. This may be the opportune time to take a break from work to rest and relax with loved ones. Small get-togethers with family and friends may give you the chance to spend quality time with them. It is a favorable time to plan a small religious trip with your partner. Your relationship is likely to enhance and you may be able to strengthen your bond. You may spend good quality time with your spouse. This week is likely to be memorable for you. However, avoid getting aggressive on small things and have a clear conversation with your partner so that you may enjoy a harmonious relationship together.


This week you need to work on the project and assignment in your hand with focus and determination. If you are trying to get admission to a foreign institute or university for further studies, then there are high chances that you may receive a positive response this week. You are likely to succeed in your higher studies and research related work. Also, you may achieve the desired targets in the examination and project-related matters. Moreover, you may get support from your teachers. This week, luck may be in your favor. In order to enhance your concentration power, you may join a meditation class. Furthermore, there are chances of success in law-related education and career.


This week you need to stay cautious about your health. There may be some health issues because of your ignorance or being careless with diet. An aged person may gain pain in their leg or arthritis so have a routine checkup so that you have the right medication at the right time. There are also chances of some problem-related to your eyes. It would be helpful if you use glasses while using electronic gadgets like laptops or mobile or while driving. You may also have some relationship or family issues that may increase your stress level and may have an impact on your health. You are advised to stay careful while driving and follow the traffic rules with discipline.


This week is favorable to make an expected gain. There are high chances of increment and financial gain. You may also get your money which you had given to your relatives or friend. However, you may not get the expected loan facility this week. Thus, it is not a favorable time to take a loan during this period. Expenditures on health-related matters are foreseen this week. Additionally, there may be some expenses on religious work. You may get the desired financial support from your elder siblings and friends. Traveling expenses are also in cards. There are chances of new investment in your family business this week.


This week you may get a sudden opportunity related to a foreign country. There are high chances that you may get projects related to a foreign country. In case you are working for a legal firm or are involved in a job related to law, you may get success in your deal this week. However, you need to stay calm while finalizing the deal with the government and senior authority. Traveling related to your business or job is foreseen this week. You may get the chance to meet higher authority in the workplace. Additionally, your business partner may give you good guidance and help you to expand the business.

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