Aries Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th March 2021

Love and Relationships

If you are single and looking for a partner, then this week you may meet someone special. If you have found the love of your life, then this week is favourable to propose to him/her. You may also get the chance to meet the family members of your beloved. But make sure you give enough space to your partner. In order to understand each other in a better way, try to spend some quality time together. However, don’t get into an argument and try to give space so that they feel some freedom in the relationship. Communication and commitment are going to play an important role to strengthen your relationship. Besides, your married life may rejuvenate due to a small trip. There are also chances of small get-togethers with in-laws which may make a memorable week for you.


School students need to avoid negative thoughts and try to be with positive people this week. Negative thinking may drag into depression. Try not to think about the past and work hard with a positive attitude this may give you success in the coming days. Additionally, the students are likely to get success in the law-related course. Self-study may prove good for you. Although, try to clear all the pending projects and prepare for the subjects which you have not taken seriously. Planets are favorable and may help you clear all the backlogs related to your study. Moreover, distance learning courses may give you the desired success in your study.


You may face some challenges due to weak immunity in the mid-phase of this week. You may also suffer from fever and cold. You should be regular with healthy diets and avoid eating outside meals and cold beverages. Hence, you need to take care of your eating habits. Avoid eating any heavy and oily food as this may result in weight gain and high blood pressure problems. Additionally, avoid smoking and bad addiction, as this may have a negative impact on your health. Multitasking and overstress may affect your physical health. Meditation may help you to boost peace of mind.


This is an action-packed week for your sign, so buckle up and keep it moving. This week is likely to give favorable results in terms of money and finance. You may get expected financial gain this week. It can prove to be promising for those who are investing in the fashion-related business. Investment in clothing business or beauty products may give expected financial gain to you. Students may have some financial expenditure on their research or project-related work so you should have a prior plan for this week. You are advised not to be extravagant. There may be unplanned expenditure on legal and tax-related matters as well. Stay cautious and go through all the terms and conditions before investing money in land and property during this week.


If you are in a job or business related to mass-communication, then you may get a good deal and also the financial gain of your work. However, revise all the business plans that you were planning to implement this week. That may be helpful and may give a desired financial gain and expansion to your business. Additionally, there are high chances that you may get help from the government in the business deal related to a foreign country. Self-improvement and analysis may give a new direction and aim to work this week. Besides, there is a possibility of a small business trip this week. Also, chances of sudden transfer or some new responsibility at the workplace are foreseen. Wholesale businessmen may get a good deal this week.

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