Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th March 2021


Love and Relationships

This week you are likely to enjoy quality time with your partner. Marital relationships may also improve during this week. You may spend quality time with your spouse. Small get together with family is likely to rejuvenate your marital life. A short distance traveling with your partner is foreseen this week. Communication is likely to play an important role in your marital life, so try to avoid unnecessary arguments with your partner. Try to express your feelings to your partner clearly and not to be aggressive. You may get gifts for your partner and plan a dinner in order to make your relationship strong.


This week, you may get the desired support from your sibling in your studies and may also attain good marks in your exam. Short distance traveling related to new courses and skill development classes may prove to be very helpful for you this week. Your communication and writing skills may enhance. You are likely to be very active and energetic to learn new things. Getting admission in small courses may improve your skills this week. A new hobby related to playing games is foreseen this week. This week may bless you with the knowledge of the sacred mantra and may gain better religious knowledge.


It may be a challenging week in terms of your health. Be cautious while driving. Strictly follow the rules of traffic and don’t use communication devices while traveling. Light exercise related to neck and hand may prove to be helpful, as neck or shoulder pain is foreseen this week. Overthinking may lead to stress. Avoid using electronic gadgets before you go to sleep. Joining any health-related courses may help you maintain good health during this week. Try not to be aggressive and tense because of your financial expenditure, it may have a negative impact on your health.


There are high chances of financial gain this week. If you are in counseling business or media then this week may give good financial gain from your work. Some good news or gain from land and property-related matters may come or previous investment may yield good returns. It is not a favorable period to invest in the share market without expert suggestions. There are chances of financial crunch because of unplanned expenditure this week. Expenditures on family get together and a small celebration at home is on cards. There are chances that you may get some financial gain from your father or mother this week. If you are in need of financial help, then you can ask your parents, you may get the desired support.


This week may prove to be hectic for you. Your mental peace may get disturbed because of the workload and the wrong company. Business-related traveling may give success to finalize the deal. There are chances of miscommunication at the workplace so you need to be very careful while giving messages or sending mail related to work. Try not to be aggressive and don’t criticize others at the workplace. You should be ready to accept the job proposal which can be far from your residence. If you are in a creative art-related career then this week may prove to be very successful for you. Don’t be afraid to present your creativity and innovation, it may give you success and recognition at your workplace.

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