A Deep Dive into Technology Operating Behind Online Casino Software

Photo by Raka Miftah from Pexels

Online casinos are more complex and interesting than we give them credit for being. It’s easy to get accustomed to playing the odd slots game or a round of poker without overthinking it. However, there is some awe-inspiring technology behind it all, keeping online gaming fair for all.

How Do Online Slot Games Work?

As you may assume, keeping online casino games running means keeping things genuinely random. For casinos to meet regulations from bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission, there always need to be winning opportunities.

Therefore, most casinos will run on a random number generator or an RNG. This is a simple but effective component that ensures players get fair access to prizes. The winnings may be a small line win on a slots game here and there, but it is a win, nonetheless.

So, let’s use the casino games at Boss Casino, for example. The popular slots games at Boss will run a random number sequence every time you spin the reels. This randomisation ensures you get chances to win a genuinely random prize, with each bet you make. 

What About General Programming?

Anyone who has played a few slots games before will know that every title is slightly different. There are some with slight variations, and some games are similar due to programming and templates used.

On the whole, you can expect simple slots games to use C++. The same can also apply to casino table emulations such as online blackjack and roulette. Those familiar with indie games of the past decade or so may also find it surprising that Java, and JavaScript, are also popular.

However, there has been a swift move away from older programming standards in line with how the web evolves. The shift to mobile play means that HTML5 is now the casino programming standard. What’s more, Flash left our screens completely as of January 2021. Therefore, older games using this classic standard fade away or get upgrades.

You also have to consider that live streaming tech plays a big part in modern online gaming. Many casinos, and games developers, produce ‘live’ casino experiences. Such events are a streaming of real dealers and presenters, who spin roulette wheels and deal cards in real-time. At the same time, you are betting from the comfort of your home. 

What’s to Expect in the Future?

Right now, live casinos are looking very popular. However, there is growing interest in VR or virtual reality casinos. The technology behind this, as you may imagine, is going to be incredibly advanced.

Right now, VR casinos aren’t exactly mainstream. However, modern casinos will likely continue to surprise us for time to come. There are scores of developers and studios out there, all working on their original titles.

It takes a little more work than you think to bring a slot game or online casino table to life. Next time you play slots, think about the fascinating technology behind them!

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