A complete guide to Grooming and Wellness for men

While picking the right products can be a daunting task, men are serious about grooming, self-care and wellness routines. With the changes the world has seen, in the last one year, men got more time to realise the need to be well groomed.

There is a shift in mind-set from looking attractive to feeling confident, and presentable. Self-confidence is a key motivator when it comes to grooming, and over 40 percent of Indian men resonate with this.

To help you get your swag on, TLC Nykaa Man has curated a gentleman’s guide with a detailed regime for the amateur to the pro. So, level up in in 2021.

Clean slate, fresh beginnings

A good skincare regime can be quite daunting to figure! It’s a no-brainer that the first step to any skincare starts with thorough cleansing. You need to get rid of the dirt, grime, sebum that’s collected in your pores – whether it’s from outdoor dust and pollution or the dead skin cells and bacteria. Start your day (and end it too) by massaging a deep cleansing, foam-based facial cleaner onto your face, and washing it off with lukewarm water. Next add a few drops of serum and moisturiser, and then finally a good sunscreen.

To Shave or not to Shave

No man can do without a good shaving or beard trimming tool, right? However, when picking a razor be sure of the design that suits your hand movement! For those donning the bearded look, use beard oils, beard wax or styling balms.

No “bad hair” days

Body wash & shampoo are imperative for overall grooming. Moisturising yet cleaning, a good body wash & shampoo can boost your confidence multi folds. Feeling fresh & smelling equally fresh are very crucial. Goodbye oily, itchy, flaky scalp and say hello to healthy hair.

Smell good, feel great

The last step and probably the most important one, is making sure you always smell good! Musk, Vanilla, Wood, Ylang Ylang and the list goes on- but fret not as we sort all your fragrance needs under one roof. Either layer fragrances or just use a single one, level up your game with your top picks!

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