A Beginner’s Guide to Introducing Your Partner to Your Parents

Family Dining-Dinner

When the time arrives for you to introduce your partner to your parents, you need to do all you can to ensure the circumstances run as smoothly as possible. Meeting parents is usually a step taken to show that your relationship is becoming powerful; therefore, it must go flawlessly well. 

Parents will have a high standard for their kids, making introducing your date extremely stressful for everyone involved. You might feel lost in the middle because you are emotionally attached to both and frantically want your parents to accept your partner.

One of the fundamental ways to ensure the meeting goes great is preparation. You can do this by notifying your partner what your parents are like. Mention their interests and hobbies, plus warn them if your parents have a strange sense of humor or have strict beliefs or rules in different areas. It is also a great idea to honesty talk to your parents about your date beforehand and tell them a bit about him/her, hopefully helping the conversation flow. Inform them how significant the meeting is to you and ask them kindly not to embarrass you with past photos or \stories.

It is always recommended to avoid specific topics such as religion, politics, sex, and money. Everyone has their own personal opinion on these delicate subjects, and the last thing you want is a dispute when your partner meets your parents. Safe topics to discuss include films, jobs, hobbies, and sport. It can help if your partner has a similar interest to your family, giving everyone concerned something to discuss, which will undoubtedly help if the conversation should start to run dry.

  1. When the opening introduction arrives, your date must be on time. Arriving late will begin the meeting off badly, which is not the best way to impress your parents, who will start to question their reliability. 
  2. As well as reaching on time, make sure your partner has dressed appropriately for the occasion. It should look like they’ve made serious efforts to look decent. 
  3. A casual meeting is normally better than a formal one, as you are more likely to stay relaxed. Instead of a formal dinner which could make everyone nervous, opt for a relaxing coffee at your parents’ home or meet at a casual cafe. 
  4. It is imperative that your date is on their best behavior and shows both you and your parent’s respect. A lack of respect will show your parents that he/she is not good enough for you, and it will take a lot of laborious work for your partner to prove them wrong.
  5. Although you want your partner to gel along with your parents, you don’t want him/her to try too hard to become friends with them, which will just appear desperate and odd. You want your date to feel informal; otherwise, your parents won’t meet the real them.

Never think that your parents will immediately like your date and vice versa. If your parents aren’t dazzled with your date for some unavoidable reason, try not to worry about it too much and know that your date likes you for who you are before they met your parents, so it will take a lot for them to alter their mind about you. As long as your partner is respectful, polite, smartly dressed, relaxed, and arrives on time, then you shouldn’t have any concerns about the first time he/she meet your parents.

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