9 Amazing Reasons To Visit Turkey

Turkey is hands down the best place to visit anytime. Traveler or not, everyone should, at least once, visit this wonderful country. Rich in history, full of beauty, Charismatic people and mouth-watering foods are a few of the many reasons you should be prepared to get yourself mesmerized.

Reasons to visit Turkey

Turkey is one of the top tourist attracting countries in the world. Have you thought about why? Here are some reasons to let you understand why-

  1. Culture-Turkey is a country with a diverse culture as it has a diverse population. Different parts have different cultures and traditions. You may feel like visiting many mini countries while touring in Turkey.
  2. Food- Turkey gives you the flavour of both Europe and the Middle East. A combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cousins will make your taste buds pop with so many different flavors that you won’t be able to resist. Turkish delights, tea, coffee and others like seafood, köfte, dolma, manti, börek, among many others, are there for you to try.
  3. Historical places- There are multiple historical sites to visit in Turkey. So many civilization shave risen and fallen, leaving behind traces for tourists to wander around.
  4. Famous cities- There are so many cities to visit while in Turkey that it is hard to name a few. But here are five must-visit cities-
  5. Ankara is the second-largest city, and turkey’s capital is a must-visit for castles, museums, and whatnot.
  6. Antalya is famous for waterfalls, ancient ruins, markets and many others.
  7. Cappadocia is mainly famous for its unique rock formation, fairy chimneys, hot air balloon rides, quad bike rides, underground cities and many more.
  8. Izmir is another city you must go to enjoy a cup of Turkish tea while looking over at the sea. Whether you wander around the town for appreciating its beauty or visit the open museum and the historical site is up to you.
  9. Istanbul is last but not the least in this list of cities to look forward to in Turkey. It has many famous tourist spots like Hagia Sophia.
  10. Turkish baths- Turkish baths or hammam is an excellent experience to look forward to while visiting Turkey. Turkish bath helps you to relax and strip down all your stresses.
  11. Museums- Turkey has a lot of famous museums that you may visit. These museums are known for preserving archaeological findings in the best shape. Turkey has the world’s largest mosaic museum.
  12. Unique architecture-The assorted styles of architecture throughout the country is another reason to visit Turkey. You can find Ottoman architectural construction and Seljuk architectural construction in Turkey.
  13. Beaches- Turkey has over 400 blue flag beaches where you can hop from one to another.
  14. People- The diverse people of Turkey are unparalleled with their hospitality and behavior.

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