8 Types of Fashion Degrees You Can Get in 2021


Getting a degree in Fashion is a starting point to enter this creative and competitive industry. It is an exciting opportunity that can help build a career on your talent and passion. There are many types of degrees when it comes to Fashion.

If you are interested in this industry, you might want to know all the options before settling on one. Whether you are interested in textiles, jewelry, luxury brands, or management, there is a course for you. Here are the main types of fashion degrees one can get in 2021.

Luxury Goods and Fashion

One can enter the BA or MA with a focus on luxury goods. Such a program includes management skills, research, and the ability to predict trends, marketing strategies, and retail management. It opens a lot of doors when it comes to high-end brands and shops. For example, a person with this education can end up working as a brand manager or PR specialist.

Also, this degree makes one qualified to manage luxurious retails shops, for example, become a retail buyer.  If you are interested in the top names in the industry and high fashion, this might be the one for you.

Fashion Design

This is one of the most well-known types of educational programs in the industry. The focus here is learning how to create clothes. One can choose to focus on womenswear, menswear, or footwear, for example. The program gives all the necessary knowledge on research, design, and drafting with the use of technology.

You’ll learn more about fabrics and textiles, patterns, and sewing. It also gives context behind the industry and culture. It is a great way to express your creativity if you would like to make your own designs.

Fashion Journalism

If you are more interested in informing others and writing excellent texts, this is a perfect opportunity. This program combines the best of two worlds and gives extensive knowledge on the culture and industry as well as journalism.

There will be a lot of writing involved, but if you are ever stuck with it, you can always ask a professional paper writer for assistance. The program covers all the different media platforms, like printed publishing, digital journals, and social media. It also helps to develop your own writing style. Learn about journalist ethics and law, specific terms and vocabulary, as well as reporting. And there is also an option to focus on photography and video journalism.

Communication and Promotion

Graduates of such programs will be able to work in PR, marketing, advertising, and media. The degree focuses on the visual means of communication and marketing strategies. You’ll learn all about photography, film, and styling. You’ll also get experience with different media, including digital and social ones.

Buying and Merchandise

This particular degree involves more business management and knowledge on the means of production, supply chain, sales, and merchandising. It is a great program for those who are interested in this part of the industry and want to build a career in managing a business. It covers everything it takes to create clothing or garment in terms of textiles and resources.

Fashion Photography

It is another huge part of the industry that requires creativity and original vision. Those who are comfortable with a camera will find it attractive. You’ll get to develop and improve your photography skills and taste for fashion. Students also learn the technical details of production, working in a studio, lighting, editing, etc. Such photography is used for magazines, art galleries, and advertising. It is a great way to work with visual means of expression. And there are great career prospects for talented photographers.

Jewelry Design

Accessories and jewelry is a whole world for those who want to express their creative vision. This degree will teach you all about working with precious metals and dealing with delicate tasks. You’ll learn how to make models, casts, and manufacture your own jewelry. And students also get to know the industry and how it works. Overall, it is an outstanding opportunity for creators that want to build their brand or work with an established company.

Fashion Styling

If your main talent is to have a vision and express a certain message through clothing, hair, or makeup, you may become an excellent stylist. Such professionals can work individually and help people to enhance their beauty, or they can work in fashion shows, magazines, or advertising. Students of this program learn about the fundamentals of styling and how it is used for various purposes and media.

Students also get great insight into the history and cultural studies that have to do with appearance. And, of course, they’ll be able to style anyone to convey a specific message or meaning through garments and hair.

In Summary

There are many ways to express your passion and creative vision in the fashion industry. One can learn more about being a creator and designing clothes or jewelry. Others can focus more on management, retail, and communication. And some would prefer styling, photography, or journalism. Choose what is close to your heart.

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