7 Top Beaches in Cyprus Worth Visiting


Of all the beaches in all the towns globally, you should definitely swim in Cyprus’. Fly to this stunning Mediterranean island and experience the pleasures of the burning sand, rejuvenating sun, and a refreshing swim in a clear azure sea. Let’s sail through Cyprus’s top beaches in this article today:

  1. Porto Pomos: A rocky coastline and deep blue sea, this beach is located on the wild, wild, west side of Cyprus. You can explore the Latchi fishing village and the incredible scenic town of Polis nearby too. One of the most unexplored beaches of the nation, Pomos’ westmost shoreline is exciting and thrilling. A casual swim here is a memory of a lifetime, trust me.
  2. Coral Bay: Enclosed in cliffs and rocky caves of the western coast, this beach is exceedingly family-friendly. You can also indulge in diving and water-skiing here while the kids can have a safe swim at the bay’s depthless shore. There are numerous other water sports at Corta Bay that cater to everyone. 
  3. Mackenzie Beach: The warm party beach of Cyprus, this Larnaca beach is extremely close to the airport. Here, many beach-side bars, pubs, and restaurants line-up to quench your thirst, while a plethora of music generates an excellent aura for the tourists and locals alike. Mackenzie beach is a must-visit for people interested in European-style party culture. 
  4. Latchi Beach: For people who love hogging, Latchi is the place to be. If you are specifically fond of seafood? Then jump unto Latchi! With one of Cyprus’s best seafood cuisine, Latchi is a must-go for anyone who enjoys the port’s calm breeze, a plate full of yummy seafood, and a gorgeous sunset.
  5. Nissi Beach: This Ayia Napa beach is preferred mainly by youngsters. A fun breeding ground for parties in the peak period, the water here is shallow and crystal in the low tide and confronting to swim when the tide’s high. Endowed with a neat swooping shore of soft white sands, Nissi beach will keep you buzzing with activities like paragliding, water-skiing, banana boats, Ringo rides, or lazy with its comfortable sunbeds – it’s really your decision to make!
  6. Lara Bay: A wild beach and a hard reach, Lara Bay is a turtle lover’s treat. You need a 4×4 vehicle to access this isolated bay; however, the sight of loggerhead and green turtles will rush to captivate your senses when you reach here.
  7. Konnos Bay: This protected bay between Ayia Napa and Protaras has something to offer to everyone – densely forested cliffs for ecstatic hikers, warm turquoise waters for fervent swimmers, or powdery white sands for lazy sunbathers. At the foot of Cape Greco, a visit to this picturesque cove will unquestionably develop for you countless lifelong memories of pure reverence.

There are many other honorable mentions in this category – Serena Bay, Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach, Episkopi, and Paramali Beach.

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