6 Leadership Lessons from Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron attends a joint news conference with his counterpart of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France

France has had many leaders but few have grabbed attention like Emmanuel Macron. In just about a year, he rose from a relatively obscure minister in the French government to become the president of France. He was just 39, and he sent ripples across the globe as the youngest person to become the ruler of France since Napoleon. The story becomes even more remarkable when one realizes that his political party had been in existence for just about 13 months before his stunning victory over other well-established political rivals. 

Only a few, if any, would have predicted his swift rise to the very peak of power. However, for anyone who takes time to study his history and remarkable achievements, there are so many stories and lessons that one can gain from the trajectory of his life. Below are some of the most important leadership lessons from the life of Emmanuel Macron: 

  1. Human Connection: Many of the supporters of Macron will tell you that one of the things they love most about him is that he has the flawless ability to make a connection with other human beings. He is so good an orator that he was able to instantly communicate his message to everyone in France. He has this powerful ability to weave his words perfectly in such a way that practically everyone will understand him without much issue. It was this skill that he deployed when he was running for the presidency and it worked like magic. 
  2. Genuine Engagement: Macron does not just talk to the people for the sake of talking or to express his powers of oratory, he always seeks to have sincere engagement with the people. He also does everything possible to ensure that he connects at a much deeper and human level with everyone. It is known that French voters are very hard to please but what Macron has been able to do is to build solid bonds of connection with the electorate. He was able to speak to the hearts of those who felt marginalized and that is because he truly had their interests at heart. He had a vision that resonated at the deepest levels with the audience. One of the things that makes someone to be a good leader is that the person can use his or her magnetic ability to bring everyone around a single purpose and direction towards the achievement of the same goals. 
  3. Constant Resilience: One thing with Macron is that he never wavers in his mission as he is always hammering on his message to the people of France. He maintained his moderate stance even with the relentless attacks from the right and left-wing politicians. There are so many instances in which Macron demonstrated this resilience in his behavior and this helped boost his chances in no small way. 
  4. Loyalty: Politics is known for its tides and turns and it is important for a politician who wants to succeed to remain loyal to not just the struggle but also his supporters. This is what Macron exemplified supremely and he got rewarded with the hefty votes. A politician that is known for betraying his base is not going to last long or succeed over time. 
  5. Perseverance: One of the most peculiar things about the life of Emmanuel Macron is the fact that he is married to a woman who is not just much older than him but was also his former married teacher. Many disapproved of this union but being the persevering spirit that he is, he remained unfazed and devoted to his wife all through. Great leaders know how to persevere in the face of hardship.
  6. Decisiveness: As the president of France, Macron never shied away from taking very difficult decisions like when he was facing the Yellow Vest protesters or when he had to confront the threat of terrorism and religious extremism. A good leader is never scared of rolling out the big guns if need be. 

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