5 Types Of Car Headlights – All You Need To Know

You need light to see in the dark. Not every road that you drive on is going to have street lights. You may come across streets that are either dim-lit or entirely dark and dinghy. On such roads, you need functioning headlights to drive through safely. Cars Headlights are one of the essential auto parts, and without them, any vehicle is incomplete.

Headlights are necessary not only on dark roads but also on the congested road to let other cars on the road know of your presence. If you happen to use your car only during the day, you might not need to use automotive parts like the headlights. For driving your car securely through the roads, you need high-functioning headlights. Now, headlights have evolved a lot through technological advancements. There are several types of headlights that automotive manufacturers produce. All the types of headlights come of use in different ways and serve distinctive functions. Some headlights perform well in crowded places, and others in foggy weather. The type of headlights explained here is a comprehensive list that will help you choose the best headlights from a trusted automobile spare provider like boodmo.

5 Types Of Headlights and Their Uses

LED Headlights

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Headlights are the most efficient headlights that produce a very bright light. These headlights work by streamlining electricity through the light-emitting diodes. LED headlights do not need any heating or warming up to produce lights. These lights can be easily placed within a headlamp.

LED technology is mostly premium car models. They are made into many types of shapes and sizes according to the model’s design and requirement. Also, the lights can throw light up to a great distance for better visibility and safe driving.

●       Halogen

Halogen headlights are the most common type of headlights used in most cars. It produces a massive amount of light and heat as well in the process. The process in which halogen lights works is by flowing electricity through a tungsten filament. The filament is fixed inside a glass capsule which is filled with halogen gas.

The halogen lamp lights up the roads to up to 100 meters. The only con it might have is, it heats up pretty quickly when lit. Also, the bulbs emit a huge amount of heat, and as a result, a lot of heat is wasted. The halogen gas is heated very quickly once supplied with electricity.

●       Laser Lights

Laser lights are used in premium car models, and they are also highly-priced ones. These lights use the most advanced headlight technology that is found in the market. Laser lights also light up the most distance on the road, about 500-600 meters.

Gas is used to energize the headlamps with the help of lasers. So, the throw of the headlight is much better than any other available ones. High-end cars mostly use these lights for the brightness and efficiency it provides. The laser light glows very brightly without getting heated, so most car models that use this are very costly.

●       Pixel Lighting

Pixel lighting is also known as matrix lights. These are LED lights that are used for manufacturing car headlights. You can control all the LEDs in this light individually. The mechanism works with the help of a camera attached to the rearview mirror of a car that looks for headlights and taillights of vehicles in front.

When the camera identifies any vehicle’s headlight in front of it, the individually controlled LEDs are switched off. It is done not to dazzle the drivers of oncoming traffic.

This system can be very beneficial for a car, and drivers can use a high beam headlight in traffic with the Matrix lights system.

●       Xenon Headlights

Also known as High-intensity discharge(HID), Xenon headlights are smaller in size, when compared to CFL bulbs which we use in our homes. Xenon headlights do not feature a filament inside the bulb, which is filled with xenon gas. It features an area of high voltage between two electrodes to create the light source.

These bulbs need some time to heat up, and thus, it needs some time to reach its maximum brightness. When these lights are up to their full brightness, they emit a bluish-white light. Due to the time, these headlights take in reaching the maximum brightness, they are used alongside other headlights used for the high beam.

HID headlights are more powerful and strong compared to halogen headlights and have a good range of illumination ranging from 200 to 250 meters.


Headlights have evolved a lot through technological advancements. Dark tunnels and forests may appear suddenly while driving, and that is why all cars are equipped with high-technology headlights nowadays. All the modern-day cars have DRLs (Daytime Running Light) that remain on while you drive, which alerts the oncoming traffic of your presence on the road.

It would be best to go for either a high beam or a low beam headlight during the night, depending upon your requirement. Low beam headlights can work fine on brightly lit roads, whereas dimly lit roads might need high beam headlamps.

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