5 Things You Can Use An Email Finding Tool For

Email finding tools are so important these days and everybody is using them to help them further whatever project they are working on. You need the proper email address to connect with whoever you need to connect with, and we can waste a ton of time looking for the email address we want.

So who could use a good email finding tool? Well, practically everyone. But here are some actual situations where an email finding tool would be helpful.

(1) Pitching Journalists

The #1 reason to use an email finding tool would be to pitch a journalist. If you think you have a potential story idea for journalists and editors, then find the email of someone who might be a good fit and send them a quality pitch.

(2) Exploring Job Opportunities

Potential employers like someone who shows initiative, so why not find the email address of someone who might be interested in hiring you and send them a note.

You never know what could happen by sending just a simple email, so find the job of your dreams and go for it. But you’ll need an email address first.

(3) Connecting with Social Media Influencers

If you see a social media influencer who you want to connect with, then an email finding tool can help you. After finding their email, you can send them a note about whatever you want to connect about.

(4) Discussing with Blog Owners and Editors

Whether you want to discuss guest posting opportunities or maybe talk about something else you had in mind, connecting with a blog owner or editor can be really helpful.

(5) Finding Collaborations

There’s an endless amount of collaboration opportunities online. Once you find their email, then you can hit them up with an idea for a collaboration that can help out both sides.

So, What Email Finding Tool Is the Best?

Well, right now, there is no email finding tool better than GetEmail.io. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to find the correct email address within seconds so you can make contact with whoever you’re on the lookout for.

Grab their email and don’t waste a ton of time looking for the email like you’ll do without using GetEmail.io’s services. GetEmail.io is so good that it is trusted by Oracle, IBM, Google, Shopify, Monster, and more so you know it’s an effective platform for finding emails.

You can even get 10 credits a month for free when you sign up for GetEmail.io. If you need 300 credits a month, it will cost you just $49, while 1,000 credits a month will cost you only $99 a month. GetEmail.io’s biggest packages will provide you with 2,000 credits a month for $149 and the Ultra package will allow you to look up 10,000 emails for just $399 a month.

You will not find a better emailing finding tool than GetEmail.io, so sign up and get started with it today!

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