5 Sober Activities You Can Enjoy With Friends

When dealing with alcohol addiction, it can be difficult to be with your friends. Many times, they want to get food at a restaurant that serves alcohol or go to a bar for socializing. For someone trying to recover from alcohol addiction, these are triggering events that could lead to a backslide.

You need sober activities with your friends that don’t involve alcohol in any way. We’ve put together a list of five activities that you can enjoy with your alcohol-free friends. Removing alcohol from your life doesn’t mean you have to stop living life.

Sober Activities Include Camping

Is there anything better than spending a few days in nature? Camping in local parks and campgrounds gives you the chance to get out of the city and experience the world like never before.

You and your sober friends can put up tents and cook food by the campfire. Are you inexperienced? Don’t worry, there are countless YouTube videos and articles online to learn about camping.

Make Exercising a Group Activity

The days of exercising alone in a basement are over. Gyms, Yoga studios, and boxing centers are everywhere as people choose fun and unique ways to improve their health. Exercising should be a regular part of a sober lifestyle, so why not invite some friends to go with you.

There’s no alcohol and instead, you can drink smoothies and fresh fruit juices to help heal your body and mind.

Spend Time at a Driving Range

It’s good to blow off some steam now and then, so grab a few friends and head over to the local driving range. Have some great conversation as you pummel balls and see how far you can go. Many driving ranges have other fun activities as well such as batting cages, go-carts, and mini-golf.

If you’re ready to level up, choose a local golf course and invite your friends for 18-holes. There are many things you can do following the completion of residential and outpatient rehab programs.

Drive Around and Cruise

You may live in the area your whole life, but there are backroads and surrounding towns you’ve never seen. Load up the car, pick a direction, and see what your area has to offer. Who knows what amazing attractions you’ll find in small towns and exits off the highways and byways?

Don’t be afraid to stop and take pictures and enjoy the places around you.

Volunteer at a Local Charity

If you want to make amends post-rehab, then consider donating your time to a charity. Invite your friends to help you. It’s a bonding experience and you help people.

There are many local charities seeking volunteers. Pick one that is close to your heart and contact them. You end up making more friends and enrich your life.

There Is Life After Rehab

You moved on from alcohol, but you need to find sober activities and keep living your life. We hope these five activities bring you comfort and many fun days ahead.

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