5 Most Annoying Things You Can Say to a Telemarketer


Utter the word “Telemarketer” to most individuals, and you’ll possibly see a lot of eye-rolling, frustrated expressions and come across many raging telemarketing stories. Most people agree that there isn’t anything more irritating than relaxing for the evening or sitting down to eat dinner, only to be randomly interrupted by a telemarketing call. It gets annoying, right? But, today’s article revolves around something else entirely.

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could have the upper hand for once, and rather than being restrained to a sales pitch or quickly hanging up on the caller, you could have a little treat by turning the tables and bothering the telemarketer?

If you’d want to give this a try, here are five annoying things you can say to a calling telemarketer:

  1. Please make your own version of the sales pitch: As soon as the telemarketer begins their sales pitch, interfere with them and casually counter their sales offer with one of your own. Ask them if they would like to purchase something from you (you could sell anything, simply start selling the first item your eyes could find in the room).
  2. Please create your own language: Once you are totally sure a telemarketer is on the other line, respond to all of their questions in gibberish.
  3. Casually ask the telemarketer for their home phone number: Randomly interrupt the telemarketer and tell them you’d love to hear more about what they’re selling you, but you’re in the midst of dinner. Ask them for their personal phone number so you can call them and annoy them with a sale in the midst of their meal.
  4. Ask like a voicemail machine: Return the phone with “Hello” and wait for the telemarketer to begin talking and then randomly;y interrupt them and say in your most automated voice, “We are unavailable to take your call. Please leave a message after the beep. Thank you for calling us. Beeeeep.”
  5. Just keep talking to ruin a telemarketer’s time: Rather than hanging up on the telemarketer, keep talking to them for as long as you can. Sound randomly interested in whatever they are selling and continue asking them simple questions about what they are selling, such as: Why are they selling it? If they have one of what they are selling? Why do they recommend it? If they do, are they satisfied with it? If no, why don’t they have one? What did other customers think of the product? How many of these products have they sold?

The aim is to keep them on the call as long as possible to prevent them from making a sale and prevent them from bothering other individuals with their sales pitch. If the telemarketer hasn’t yet hung up on you and you run out of inquiries, thank them for their time and tell them you’ll think about it and you will get back to them. Hang up the phone.

There’s nothing fallacious with annoying telemarketers, but the object is to get the upper hand in the conversation and provoke them so that they won’t ever want to call you back; the goal is not to be mean or rude. Thus, make sure you do your best to remain as good-humored and polite as possible. After all, the sales representative on the other end of the phone is also a person doing his job. 

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