5 Leadership Mistakes that you must avoid


Leadership is not an easy thing to do in life. All experienced and new leaders are faced with trials ranging from scarce resources to political enemies who are competing against them every step of the way. Even when leaders do everything right, they may fail; however, they only complicate everything by making simple mistakes. If you are in a leadership position, make sure that you don’t make any of the following errors:

  1. Don’t disrupt personal values:  Leaders who infringe on personal values like integrity and honesty quickly find out that they have made a severe mistake. When a leader is misleading or lies to his team, even about something that might not seem to be a great deal at the time, it weakens the bond of trust between them. Without trust, leaders cannot be influential, and once it is lost, it isn’t easy to restore. Various corporate leaders have ended their job prematurely because they have misled their team or did something dishonest. They were never able to recover no matter how much they repented.
  2. Please don’t use an unsuitable style: Every leader has their own unique leadership approach; however, there are common styles. For instance, one of the more popular types is the “command” leadership style. Sometimes, this is also known as the coercive style because the head usually tells their followers to “do as I say.” Although this might work well in a crisis, it will not work well in most other scenarios. A follower will usually come to dislike this approach and then work to weaken the leader.
  3. Abusing power is abuse:  With confirmed leadership positions come the trappings of power, usually known as “position power.” Generally, the higher the place is on the organization chart, the more emphasis is associated with the leadership position. Leaders must be careful how they utilize their power. When they abuse it even once, they again run the risk of antagonizing their followers.
  4. Please don’t fail to take care of your team:  One of a leader’s primary tasks is to take care of his or her followers. Leaders usually have control of the resources and can fix punishments or rewards. The best leaders understand that they need to take care of their teammates and even do so before taking care of themselves.
  5. Don’t seek personal gain:  Leaders who solicit personal glory or gain will not earn their team’s respect and love. When leaders use their position to obtain rewards that they have not legitimately earned, they will distance the people they are trying to lead. Although followers expect leaders to be fairly compensated, they are quick to notice when leaders are excessively paid or publicity hounds who seek public attention.

So leaders need to be informed of the common pitfalls. Being a good leader is challenging enough without these self-inflicted wounds that only make the job more stressful, if not impossible. Don’t make these simple mistakes, and you are bound to succeed.

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