5 Best Hikes in Canada

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It is a known fact worldwide that Canada has some of the most breathtaking sceneries anywhere on the planet. From the towering mountain ranges to the thick forests and the pure lakes to the endless plains, the maple nation has it all. Even though you can reach a great number of places via your car, some of the most outstanding places in this amazing country can only be reached if you go on foot. What this implies is simply that there are excellent hikes in Canada that you are really going to love being a part of. 

This guide contains the five best hikes in Canada. From the picturesque coastline of Newfoundland to the wildness of Vancouver Island to the massive mountains of the Yukon, you will find new reasons for you to get your hiking gear and hit the road again. Whether you want something personalized or an outing that will be perfect for your group, you are at the right place here. All you need to do is to look at the list below. 

  1. West Coast Trail – British Columbia: Get your gear ready and if what you want is the most adrenaline-packed hiking experience, then this is it. This trail is 75 kilometers in length, and you will enjoy every step of the way. It is in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve which is smacked right in the middle of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. This trail boasts of some of the best coastlines and while you hike just next to the ocean waves, or over the massive boulders and past memorable caves. 
  2. Skyline Trail – Nova Scotia: There is no doubt that the Highlands National Park in Cape Breton is seen as one of the most excellent of all the national parks in the country. This is mainly because the views from any corner of the park are incredibly stunning. From the rolling hills to the marshlands or the sea-hugging cliffs and of course, the ocean the stretches into the horizon. The Skyline Trail is one of the most beloved hikes in this area. This is because among other things, you get to enjoy some of the coolest lookout points in all the park. You can get the hike done as a 6.5 kilometer stretch or hikers can go for an additional 8.2-kilometer loop. 
  3. Plain of the Six Glaciers – Alberta: This list cannot be said to be complete without mentioning this area. Located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains not far from Lake Louise in the middle of the world-famous Banff National Park, the fascinating Plain of the Six Glaciers is extremely popular with hikers who are interested in experiencing the majesty of the Rockies. This place is seen as an average but enjoyable hike with a total length of 13.8 kilometers. The trail commences at the well-known Lake Louise then rises 587 meters as a result of switchbacks which offer outstanding views of the blue lake beneath. As hikers move towards the end of this hike, the stunning trail opens up to an enchanting meadow. 
  4. East Coast Trail – Newfoundland: If you are interested in a legendary challenge, this is a 336-kilometer trail that goes across the eastern coast in Newfoundland with some areas next to the wild coast as hikers navigate the various communities. Instead of trekking all through, many hikers choose to try out the smaller parts of the East Coast Trail. No matter the level of proficiency, expertise and experience that you have as a hiker, the East Coast Trail will always have something for you. Those who want an easier alternative, there is the Silver Mine Head Path which runs for seven kilometers down into the woods, across a sandy beach and even over a river. Those who are very adventurous can go for the White Horse Path. 
  5. Grizzly Lake Trail – Yukon: The Tombstone Territorial Park gives some of the most outstanding landscapes in all the country. The Dempster Highway runs right through it and the towering peaks dominate the landscape giving you the ultimate hiking experience. There are several marked and designated trails to select from, but it is good that you plan well ahead of time as permits may be needed. 

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