4 Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Obesity-Weighing Machine

Due to the influx of technology to alleviate the complexity of today’s lives, the rise of ready-made over-the-counter foods and fast food has risen exponentially. Although these kinds of food minimize the burden of most career-driven mothers, they are significant contributors to obesity as well. Moreover, the evolution of the smartphone and the unrestricted use of gadgets and online gaming also play an important part in obesity. Read on if you want to identify some tips on how to stop obesity in kids.

  1. Healthy Eating Habits:  Eating healthy food means presenting kids with leafy and organic green vegetables; include fruits in their daily diet as well. Instead of giving kids pastries and bread, it is better to serve them with a fruit bowl for their evening snacks. Foods rich in protein are essential, like white lean, white meat, and legumes. Serving them with low-fat or non-fat milk is also significant for the development of their bones and teeth. As much as possible, let children drink plenty of water every day to hydrate them as well as flush harmful toxins from their bodies. As a whole, enrich kid’s diet with the Go, Grow and Glow food to keep them healthy and fit. Air-popped popcorn without butter, low-fat yogurt, and baby carrots can be an exciting addition to a kid’s diet, and these taste good, and they don’t add to the weight as well. Keep kids away from Soda and Sugar. Soda is a strict NO NO! Sugar can be saved for special occasions.
  2. Exterminate Junk Foods: Junk foods are harmful to children’s health, considering that these varieties of foods contain plenty of sodium and preservatives, which contributes to kid’s obesity. Too much consumption of these meals will not only make kids fat, but it can make children sick such as UTI (Urinary Tract infections) and other illnesses caused by those chemicals. Hams, Sausages, Instant Noodles, and Bacon are indeed mouth-watering and appetizing for kids. However, excessive consumption of these meals and products is hazardous to kid’s health.
  3. Regular Physical Activity/Exercise: As much as possible, foster children to do more physical activities. Involving your kids in sports clinics such as football, basketball, swimming, and other physical exercises is vital to keep them fit. Children who get involved in sports are happier and healthier. They tend to have a great disposition in life when they grow up. Losing weight is another benefit of engaging children in sports as it will help them burn calories fast, generate stronger bones and muscles and strengthen their self-esteem.
  4. Quality Family Time:  These days, quality time for the family is just a second priority. Consequently, kids spend most of their time playing multiplayer games on smartphones and laptops, watching Netflix and other streaming devices, and using the internet for chats, videos, etc., just to satisfy themselves. For this, physical activities are inadequate, making their life more stationary. To keep kids away from gadgets, parents need to set restrictions on the number of hours they are allowed to use their devices. One way of pulling them aside from these gadgets is to design worthwhile activities such as jogging in the park, gardening, or playing ball games. In a nutshell, kids of working parents are prone to obesity. Spending quality time with the whole family and feeding them a balanced meal will certainly eliminate obesity. Also, increased physical activities will surely check the onset of obesity. Therefore don’t forget to spend more time with your kids and pay attention to the sort of food they are eating.

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