4 Million people have been vaccinated for Covid-19 in Chile


More than 4 million people in Chile have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus and more than half a million have received two doses, the Ministry of Health reported.

According to the Department of Statistics and Health Information, the total number of people who have been inoculated in Chile reached 4,041,536, while 551,485 have received two doses of vaccine.

Health Minister Enrique Paris said on Saturday that of the total number of people who have received vaccines, 2,614,615 were aged over 60.

Besides, 59.2 per cent of the recipients were women and 40.8 per cent were men.

Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado said that Chile has donated 20,000 vaccines to Ecuador.

Chile has so far registered over 21,008 deaths from Covid-19, while the caseload increased to more than 850,000, the Ministry of Health said.

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