4 Incredible Ways to Level up Your Enjoyment of Gin


Gin is fantastic for cocktails because of its refreshing taste. It is not considered sugary, so when you mix it with fruit juices, it creates a fabulous cocktail that is optimally balanced and is not overwhelmingly sweet. Keep in mind that cocktail tastes have switched over recent years and veered away from sweet fruity flavours and towards the dryer and subtler flavours. Because of this, gin has become the penultimate drink for both bartenders and drinkers. Bars going for products produced by the best local, high-quality gin distillery have also helped enhance the appreciation of this fantastic drink. Here are some of the ways in which you can try the alcoholic beverage:

Gin and Tonic

The combination of gin and tonic is legendary. It has provided delight to drinkers since the 1700s. In this era, malaria was a significant health threat, and doctors were prescribing quinine. However, it has a bitter taste, so patients often mix it with gin to make it more palatable. Tonic water was invented at this point which is made of water and sugar, and pairing it with delicious gin levels up the taste.

Hundreds of years later, gin and tonic have become a staple drink. The ingredients are mostly unchanged since its invention. However, many gin lovers are debating, which is the best garnish for the drink. Some will prefer lemon over lime. Some others will prefer cucumber. For a more creative fusion, you might even want to consider an orange slice garnish for your gin and tonic.

Gin and Cucumber

Gin and cucumber are an all-time traditional drink combination. You may be wondering why it works so well. Matching a botanical spirit with a lush vegetable might seem odd. However, it makes for a delicious combo.

Cucumber is well-suited to be mixed with gin since it highlights the botanical subtleness of juniper, pepper, as well as citrus. You can even discover brands such as gin created by Hendrix, which utilises cucumber after the distillation process to strengthen cucumber’s unique flavour. Naturally, you can enhance your gin and tonic by garnishing it with a slice or a couple of pieces of cucumber instead of the classic lemon or lime.

Even though keep in mind that you are not limited to only gin and tonic. Cucumber can be mixed in all sorts of ways. You can even try out popsicles with cucumber, ginger, and gin for a refreshing summer dessert.

Gin Martini

A martini is a mixture of gin, vermouth, and an olive or lemon garnish. It is a traditional cocktail. There are varieties of this form. A conventional dry martini is created with dry white vermouth for mitigated sweetness. A martini that is dry will include a splash of olive brine for a saltier and more savoury taste.

Drink Gin Straight

In many cases, you can always drink gin straight. The majority of people will even tell you that it is the best way to enjoy the taste of gin. Pour the gin over several ice cubes and drop a slice of lemon if you like. Of course, to enjoy this, it must be a gin brand of good quality. Because of this, you must choose a gin from a good gin distillery. There is nothing worse than the taste of bitter and nasty gin. Choose a good quality gin with a sweet floral flavour, which is delicious just as it is with no added ingredients. High-quality gin will provide you with a perfect sipping experience.

There are numerous ways to enjoy gin. This article only highlights a few of them that are classic and well-loved. However, there are multiple ways to enjoy gin which is not entirely limited to merely drinking it.

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