3 Ways to Stay Active When Working From Home

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Increasingly more jobs are done on a computer, and nowadays often remotely from a home office, which makes it harder to stay physically active. The small things, like walking to work, or from your desk to the water cooler and standing there while chatting with a colleague are left out from daily life and we find ourselves sitting down for most of the day.

Making time for fitness between work and family responsibilities is sometimes hard, which is why it is easier to start by introducing those little activities back to your daily routine. Here are 3 steps to help you with that.

1. Take small breaks

Many tend to associate a break from work only with the daily 1-hour lunch break and power through the rest of the day. Instead, you should take small breaks (on top of the well-deserved lunch of course), also known as microbreaks throughout the day.

The easiest way to do this is between tasks, and the breaks do not have to last longer than 30 seconds. All you have to do is close your eyes and take deep breaths. It will help lower your heart rate and shift your focus on the next task. You will feel refreshed and ready to continue!

2. Stretch when getting up

Whether it is at the end of the day or when you are going to eat, take a moment to stretch your neck, shoulders and back. These body parts are the most common to suffer from sitting down at your computer and should be attended to.

Sit or stand up straight, relax your shoulders and roll your head around slowly a few times. You can feel the neck responding. Next, roll your shoulders front to back, again slowly, and find the sore spots that need some extra attention.

Lastly, swing your arms from back to front and try to reach your toes. A gentle movement with moderate speed will give your back a good stretch.

3. Find an excuse to walk

Most people do not even realize how much they walk during a normal day, especially when living in cities and working in big offices. The step count can reach thousands a day, even when one goes to work by car. Walking to and from your car is walking after all!

So when you have to stay home, you can for example agree to use your phone only when standing up or walking. Then download all non-work-related internet services as mobile apps. This way, whether you are posting on social media or playing slots at a new casino you are activating your muscles and blood circulation.

These steps require very little effort and also suit those who do not enjoy exercising. Everyone is different, but we can all benefit from a healthy body and mind. You can also come up with more ways to keep yourself active – the main goal is that you feel good and energized in everyday life!

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