3 Ways How You Can Earn Money and Be a Great Student At the Same Time

Every student has faced this dilemma at least once: you want to afford things, so you get a job, and then it takes so much time you start skipping classes. Some students even quit school because they’re able to find a real job with no experience. 

Yet, there’s another way. In this article, we will tell you how to maintain your education even if you need a job desperately. You’ll also find some examples of simple jobs that won’t disrupt your studies.

Time Management

This is one of the most important skills a young adult should master. If you don’t have time, you don’t have anything. Start by building your study schedule to see how much time you can adequately spend on work. From there, you can decide if you’ll go for full time, part-time or weekend employment. 

Keep all your assignment deadlines in check. Accept the fact that you will need to resort to write an essay for me service occasionally. The majority of students who use this type of assistance are, in fact, busy with work. 

Set your priorities straight. Having to work and make money doesn’t mean skipping classes. Look for a job that is specifically friendly to students. There’s nothing wrong with working at McDonald’s or a similar fast-food chain. 

Those usually allow students to set their own schedules and work short shifts. Or you could opt for a job that only requires your presence on the weekend, but the shifts are likely to be longer.

Talk to People

Whether you’re only looking for a job or you’re already struggling to keep up with your schedule, don’t be afraid to share. Talk to your older peers, they might have a valuable piece of advice on dealing with certain professors. 

Or, talk to the professors themselves. Explain the situation, tell them why you need the money and they might even show some compassion.

Overall, your college network is one of the most valuable things higher education brings. You can get together with all these people of different ages and from varying backgrounds and become friends for the rest of your lives. 

You can ask your older friends about tips on getting employed in a specific place or they might share their old college papers and projects with you. Most of the people are nice and willing to share, you just need to ask.

Manage Stress

Nobody said working and studying would be easy. You will get stressed from time to time, especially during the finals week. Having to work at that time will only add to the stress. Your task here is to learn to manage it. Define what causes you the most stress. Is it homework or are your fellow employees? Find the stress factor and deal with it directly.

Talk to your employer to change shifts if there’s someone you cannot handle at work. Plan your study schedule ahead to always be aware of the upcoming projects. Get a study buddy – find a friend who will inform you of what’s happened during the classes you might’ve missed. Review their class notes so there are no surprises during the exams.

Do find time for sports. Keeping your body active will boost serotonin, which tremendously helps in managing stress. Regardless of how busy your schedule is, try to make sure you have at least one free day in a week. 

A day when you don’t have to rush or do anything basically. Find time for hobbies like arts and crafts. That can be extremely therapeutic as well.

Come up with a reward system for yourself. Reward yourself for any achievements, no matter big or small. Did you finish an essay on time? Go to the movies. Did you close a shift at work with no incidents? 

Eat something sweet. Those are just simple examples of what you can do, but the list goes on. Don’t take your efforts for granted. Admit you’ve embarked on a hard path and you’re doing a good job.

What are the jobs you can have?

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most popular and least demanding jobs you can take as a student.


If you like spending time with kids, this is a perfect choice. It’s not demanding (depending on the kid, of course), and you can build your own schedule and do homework while being at work! 

With regard to the schedule, you can always say no if the parents ask you to babysit on a particular day, which makes this job extremely flexible. And if you manage to find a family that pays well, kudos to you! 

If you show yourself as an especially good babysitter, they might even take you along on summer vacation!


Another job that doesn’t require commuting is tutoring. Find a class you’re especially good at and teach it to your peers. There’s always someone who’s lagging behind, and you can help them! 

Compared to the previous option, you don’t have to be afraid of getting caught and it will also be beneficial for you. When you teach, you will structure your own knowledge, only getting better at the discipline in question.

The Bottom Line

The question ‘how do I work and stay a good student’ is almost as old as the education system itself. Most of the students nowadays have to work to support either themselves or their families. College professors are quite used to that by now, so don’t be afraid to talk to them. Communicate with your peers, too, they might come up with valuable advice for you. 

Look for jobs that will not interfere with your studies, and don’t forget to deal with stress before it grows and becomes something worse. 

With time, as you get in that flow of work-study balance, you’ll find it hard not to juggle between the two. Remember to take breaks, reward yourself and keep your body moving.

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