3 Quick Tips to decorate your room with florals this Summer

Summers bring with them the need for bright and refreshing interior decor ideas. Interior decor plays a critical role in managing the sweltering heat of the summers. With a plethora of ideas, right from adding in wall colour to adding those breezy green plants to changing the look of your rooms with breathable linens, you can explore different decor hacks to beat the heat of the sun!

When you think about summers, the one thing that comes to mind is flowers. Floral prints are the go-to decorating option adding in a homely touch of warmth and comfort to the interior. Subtle, pastel shades, or bright, loud colours, allow these prints to highlight your bedroom turning it into a warm, space, full of life, says Saurav Gupta, CEO, Bella Casa — manufacturers and distributors of chic home textile products and designer ethnic wear.

Another advantage of floral motifs is that they tend to distract the eyes from any deficiencies and flaws in the interior, he says.

“However, before you start furnishing your bedroom with floral prints, you should take the overall style of the room into consideration. The key is to remember that too much floral will hurt the eyes, but a touch here or there will give it that summertime oomph,” says Gupta.


Wallpaper with floral print is one of the most common options people opt for while adding a floral touch to their rooms. Peel and stick wallpaper prints have thousands of variations: simplified and accurate in designs ranging from large to small flowers. These prints have thousands of variations: simplified and accurate in designs ranging from large to small flowers.

“Once you get the knack of decorating your bedroom using floral prints, you would be surprised how they contribute to the amped-up mood in the morning and positive emotions at bedtime. However, you need not use floral printed wallpapers in the entire bedroom, highlighting a single wall can all add a delicate charm to your summer-ready room,” says Gupta.

Bed covers and upholstery

Giving your room a floral makeover this summer isn’t as hard a task as it looks! Nothing says summer more than the bright and pappy floral printed bed sheets and curtains in your bedroom. You can get quirky floral printed bedsheets that will complement your solid coloured walls or add in light curtains with dainty floral embroidery to let the light dimly enter your room giving it a warm and cosy vibe! You can go for a stand-out armchair, a vintage sofa, floral cushion covers or a vibrant rug, Gupta suggests.

Simple additions

It is necessary to ensure your bedding, curtains or wall pattern is repeated in some other elements of the room decor. The elements you add to your bedroom should also complement the patterns on your furniture upholstery, bed sheets and curtains. Elements such as a wall hanging, or a floral motif vase or shelves in the bedroom will look elegant making your bedroom bright and beautiful this summer, he concludes.

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