10 Psychological Tricks That Will Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is inside each of us. It’s not a cliché anymore. Creativity refers to a burning desire to create something new and adds one’s viewpoint and perspective at work, thoughts, or arts that he or she does.

Two people may draw the same thing, write the same thing, or even dance to the same tune; yet two creative outputs can never be the same. And this intrinsic art or style of doing things differently is what creativity is all about.

Creativity includes various facets of arts, including music, art, painting, writing, and dancing. 

If you also want to enhance your creative abilities, then read ahead. 

Top 10 Psychological Tricks To Boost Your Creative Abilities

Daydreaming: Daydreaming has its own significance. When creative people indulge in daydreaming, they don’t waste time—they actually, refresh themselves. Daydreaming helps in regenerating new thoughts in their minds, which in turn boosts their creativity. 

Meditation: All you need is 30 minutes a day to indulge in meditation, worship, and spirituality. Enjoy the inner calmness of your mind. Unleash yourself into the fascinating world of spirituality. 

Every morning, read 1-2 articles on any spiritual topics. It will reaffirm your faith in God and helps you reduce stress from your life. 

Create Psychological Barriers: Have you ever wondered why is it easier to judge other’s work than your own art? The reason is ‘Psychological Distance.’ 

When you are judging your work, you are emotionally connected to the same. Contrarily, when you are judging other artist’s work—there is a psychological barrier between you and their art that helps you judge more accurately. 

Next time, don’t judge your art. Let your friends and colleagues do it for you. Based on their judgments, you can improve your creative art accordingly. It will greatly help you boost creativity. 

Music: Playing soothing and mellifluous music motivates you from within while boosting your creativity. If you don’t believe my words then try listening to a mesmerizing track while writing an essay. It will help you write better and with an uninterrupted flow of words and thoughts.

Adhere to Pre-defined Deadlines: Deadlines and creativity are the exact opposite of two ends. Creativity doesn’t care about time, day, and night while deadlines compel a creative artist or writer to finish his or her work within a scheduled timeframe. 

With an imminent deadline in mind, a person tends to procrastinate less and focuses more on their actual work at hand. It certainly works as a psychological trick to boost one’s creative abilities. 

Greenery All-Around: Make your work surrounding cleaner, calmer, happier, and greener. Paint your walls green and grow green plans around your office or room. Greenery offers a conducive work environment apart from stimulating your creative thoughts and level of concentration.

Self-Rewards: Self-belief is the biggest inspiration. For a job well done, you must start rewarding yourself. You have to work consistently and ensure that your work gets completed before deadlines. 

Once the stimulus of self-reward or rewarding yourself comes to mind, it will enhance your productivity and creative skills. 

Concentration and Mindfulness: One of the primary reasons why some work lacks creativity is because people get bored and adopt an easy route to solve such a task. 

But it’s a strict no-no. You have to learn the art of practising mindfulness—you have to understand your responsibilities. Mindfulness at work will keep you on your toes and won’t let you get distracted. 

Emotional Touch: Creativity has a lot to do with your emotions and thoughts. If you are someone who adds an emotional touch to their art—then those artistic creations tend to outperform others. 

However, adding too much emotion can backfire as it may make a certain task biased. Every artist needs to strike a perfect balance between what he wants to convey and emotions attached to the same. 

Psychologically, treat your work as a kid; you will never run out of creativity.

Creativity Isn’t Inborn Talents: Firstly you have to admit that creativity is a skill and it’s not something that you inherit. There is no end to creativity, but once you feel you have enough—your ability to acquire new creative skills will eventually stop. 

So, you have to admit that creativity is just like a never-ending ocean. As you delve deeper, you get to explore more.

The Conclusion

Creativity is closely associated with emotion, procrastination, mood swings, and perception. It makes our life more interesting and productive. It helps us stay focused and concentrated on whatever we do. It helps us solve various personal and professional problems of life using innovative approaches.

Creativity is inside every one of us. But not too many people get an opportunity to exhibit their creative talents. Only some people do.

If you wish to rekindle your creative spirit, then this article will help you do so. After all, we always need a bit of inspiration and psychological satisfaction to realize our true creative potentials. 

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