10 Point Checklist to Consider Before Submitting an Online Tender


Winning a tender requires good planning and accurate information; failure to do so can result in a failed attempt. That is why companies dedicate a complete department to finding and applying for new contracts. This is not feasible for new and small businesses as it could further strain an already tight budget. A checklist in this regard can make the application perfect and give it a chance to win. To apply for Ekurhuleni tenders or tenders from another city, the following checklist should be made and followed:


Before finally applying for the tender, always go through all the information mentioned in it. Check whether the provided information is accurate and to the point. Delete all the irrelevant and useless information.


Usually, a tender requires a lot of documentation. Before submitting your bid, go through all the attached documents. If anything is missing, complete them and then have a look at the documents again. This little practice will reduce any chance of leaving out important information.

Bank Statements

A tender application might require a bank statement to check the financial health of the bidder. Be sure to provide an up-to-date and accurate bank statement. An overestimated bank statement might get you the tender but it will land you in hot waters later on.

Making copies: 

After completing your application, always make a copy of the complete set. This is important, if your bid is successful and some of the information gets lost. Having a copy of the original means even if the application is lost, you will still have the complete set of documents.


This is an important point to consider before filing for a tender. Companies with limited resources will overstate to increase their chances of a successful bid. Accurate cost estimation is very important and this honesty will increase your chances of getting a tender.

Area of Expertise:

 It is possible that a certain area of a tender falls under your area of expertise. After completing the application, always double-check the area of expertise. 


This is the main reason why a company will apply for a tender. Make a budget and if the profits are favorable, then apply for the tender. Even if you know the profit is good, it’s a good idea to revisit the projection just to be on the safe side.  

On-time Submission: 

Tender applications received after deadlines are never entertained. When downloading all the information about a tender, be sure to look out for the deadline. Make a short note on your workstation or on your mobile that keeps reminding you of the deadline.

Check Names: 

A tender application is usually filled with names either of an individual or a company. Making a mistake in them can prove disastrous for your application. After completing the application, go through all the names and verify them. 


This is the final check; after completing the application, proofread it multiple times. This eliminates all the remaining mistakes and makes the application perfect.


This checklist covers all the critical aspects of the tender applications. Looking at it before the final submission, it can increase the chances of a successful bid.

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