Young, energetic, marketer from Albania, ft. Luis Begaj


A young Albanian man is all set to conquer Social Media. A well-known Social media expert and drop-shipper, Mr. Luis Begaj is a name fast gaining popularity over the internet. His vision is to reach more followers and grow in multi-folds every year. Luis helps people to achieve what they cannot achieve on their own regarding creating more reach on social media. His strategies are solid and created with the wisdom of many experienced marketers.

Luis started working in both of these industries a few years ago. He started with the vision of expanding his marketing business and providing the best quality services in drop-shipping to his client base. He is a fast learner and keeps up with the latest trends in digital marketing. It is a known fact that Luis works with all his dedication on any project and works in a personalized manner. Every single customer gets different and unique marketing strategies for their requirements. It is this perseverance of Luis that separates him from his rivals and other upcoming SMEs.

Apart from marketing Luis also works in the drop-shipping sector. His services are reliable and just swift for a newbie in the logistics and shipping sector. He is rapidly building up his networks in the field and creating a trustworthy brand out of himself.

Luis hails from the beautiful coastal city of Durrësi in Albania and he is just 21 years old. Being so young and still having a passion for his work, Luis is indeed a man ahead of time. His favorite quote for motivation is a Ralph Emerson one. It says, “Work hard. Work very hard. Never give up, and don’t be afraid to start doing what you love. Do not forget, as Ralph Emerson has said: Every artist was first an amateur.” It seems that his choice of literature is as fine and sharp as his skills in marketing. We are glad to have had interviewed him and looking forward to interacting with him in the future.

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