Why is a Wake-up call important for a Leader?


You will start your day on a brave note when you intentionally and consciously wake-up with a healthy, strong, and confident attitude. This primary direction to your morning makes a significant difference! The rest of your day is much more likely to fall in place if you start on the right foot. So commit to starting your day with bravery.

The first approach you want to have when you wake up in the morning is gratitude. Be appreciative for having another day. Be thankful for having another chance to serve and help others. Even when you are in large misery and agony, do your level best to find something thankful for.

The best way to make this attitude of gratitude a habit is to link this thinking pattern with a particular action that you take every morning. Many individuals find that the right trigger for this is the act of placing your feet flat on the ground for the first time of the day. Intentionally think of the people and of the things you are grateful for every morning as soon as you put your feet flat on the ground.

This soon becomes a self-reinforcing and powerful habit after a week. You want to take a long breath for a few moments and dwell upon this feeling of appreciation. As you think of the things you are thankful for, really internalize a strong feeling of gratitude. Add emotions to your thoughts. Let your appreciation to others fill you up. I remember coming across a young boy from Fiji who was an Indian-Hindu. Every morning he would close his eyes and murmur something to God. I had asked him what he says when he closes his eyes. He responded that every morning, he thanks a Hindu God (I am forgetting the name) for presenting another day full of opportunities and challenges. You can show gratitude in numerous ways.

Now, as you wake up out of bed, capture your bravery as you think of your dreams and your goals. Just visualizing your dreams and goals is not enough. Rather, it would be best if you visualized your goals from a brave person’s perspective. Your goals are not merely fantasy and normal pipe dreams. No. Your goals are very, very real. Your goals are rather achievable. Your brave actions will cause you to accomplish your goals.

Your most robust goals will serve others to the greatest extent while also paying about deep personal satisfaction. Goals that totally selfish and only serve a small wish of yours do not stimulate your courage. Your courage wants big dreams, goals that work on a grand purpose, goals that you experience seeking and that you find deeply satisfying. These are the thoughts that strengthen and nourish your courage.

You will find that as you go about the remainder of your morning routine, these thoughts of bravery and gratitude will continue to strengthen and grow. Be sure to promote this growth. Reinforce all of your concrete ideas and thoughts. Just as watering plants makes them thrive and grow, nourishing these philosophies will cause your gratitude and your strength to become stronger.

The wake-up technique is an integral part of your bravery building. Try it, and you can reap the rewards.

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