Where to Buy N95 Masks

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, medical experts have recommended N95 as the best production gear. The high demand of the masks by frontline workers and the public caused their shortage globally. Face masks of different types are now a common requirement across the globe. 

Are you wondering where to buy N95 masks for higher protection against Covid-19? The following are some online suggestions for you. 


Patriot N95 Face Mask is the protective gear that you need during this challenging Covid-19 time. Besides being FDA approved, the mask fulfills all the NIOSH safety inhalation procedure testing. 

It boasts 99% bacteria filtration efficiency according to the ASTM F2101. It is also pre-formed to facilitate secure fit and has an adjustable nose clip to ensure a secure seal and custom fit. The mask is available for you to buy online


The UniAir N95 Respirator Face Mask NIOSH is a 20 pack San Huei approved respirator boasting over 95% filtration of airborne particles, including dust, bacteria, and viruses. Its cup-shaped nature makes it not only comfortable but also breathable. 

San Huei has committed itself to manufacture industrial N95 masks for over two decades, making its products reliable. Numerous companies and household brands have trusted San Huei’s products and acquired them to protect their families and employees. 

The UniAir N95 model is ideal even for allergic users because of its latex-free headbands. The mask’s outer layer is covered with P.P cloth to minimize fiber’s shedding and enhance comfort when wearing it. The mask fulfills NIOSH N95 and FFP2 specifications. Users are encouraged to purchase a pack of 20 masks because it is economical. 


The respirators are available on a 20 pack box for $79.99. The masks are produced in Ohio and have approval from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. 

According to information from the manufacturer, the masks can filter up to 95% non-oil air particles. N95 Medical Supplier Masks are equipped with adjustable nose piece besides being light. Clients looking for where to buy an n95 mask can contact the supplier and request for delivery. 

N95 NIOSH Masks ALG Soft Shell 

The mask shares similar features with 3M Aura N95. It is certified by NIOSH and can filter 95% non-oil inhalable particles. The mask meets NIOSH’s TEB-APR-STP-0007 testing procedure. 

Its functionality features including breathing and penetration and resistance strap as per NIOSH standards. It also has an easy-to-adjust nose-piece to enhance sealing ability and comfort. 

Like other N95 masks, this mask consists of several non-woven synthetic polymer layers to improve filtration. The masks are available at a 20 pack for $84.99. 

During the pandemic, individuals are struggling to protect themselves and their families from contracting the virus. N95 masks are among the best ways to protect your family and employees. 

Different types of N95 masks are available for consumers to choose from. The prices of the masks also vary depending on the quality and features. It is worth noting that it is economical to purchase a pack then going for a single mask. Contact your online supplier to discuss prices, payment mode, and delivery. 

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