What is Secure File Sharing? Why is it Important?

Most enterprises are now operational through their websites. With the growing demand for Internet-based services, people like to buy products and services from the web. Even organizations now handle their team of employees on the web through special applications. A remote workforce is now imposed to manage work remotely.

When it comes to managing a remote team over the web, we have numerous options available on the market. One of the crucial tasks that you all have to do over the web is sharing files. You can share documents, files, and other types of data between the team to work more efficiently. This is when you should look for a secure file-sharing platform. Let’s collect some useful details about this term.

What is Secure File Sharing?

Secure File Sharing is a process of sharing files over the web to different computer systems and mobile devices. Nowadays, Cloud File Sharing solutions are there to keep backup of your important data and files and lets you quickly share them between the users with the quick share option.

The best thing about this solution is it lets you share files confidentially. This means there will be no data leakage or security threats while sharing important and sensitive information.

Most organizations go with the Self hosted private file sharing service as it is more secured than any other file sharing solutions present in the market. You can take full control of your business data through this solution even if you are away from the organization.

How does Secure File Sharing Work?

Secure file Sharing encrypts data and then shares it with the recipient. Different solutions provide different types of options to share files between the users. Some solutions encrypt files before sharing while others encrypt the file while transmitting.

Encrypted files are well-protected and only authorized persons can open such files. Some providers offer two-layer authentication that asks for a password to open the shared files.

How Encryption is done?

Secure File Sharing solutions use a specialized encryption algorithm that encrypts files between the users. You can share files through a file-sharing network or can make use of the Internet to share files between different computer systems over the web.

To make the file sharing solution even more secure, most organizations have begun using Virtual Private Networks i.e. VPNs. VPNs are becoming more popular day by day as they come with a lot of benefits and security features.

Advantages of File Sharing Solutions

1. Saves Money

Most organizations now use cloud-based services. Cloud-based file sharing solutions are cheaper as the competition in the market is very high. Since you don’t have to keep a separate file storage device, you can keep your files stored over the web. This gives you a lot of flexibility while making file-sharing more easer.

2. Saves Time

Organizations use file server over the Internet to take full control of all types of files through an Internet-based device. This solution makes the file-sharing process easier. The data and files shared between the devices become much faster.

3. Quick Access

With an easy file sharing solution, users can store data over the cloud that is easily accessible. An admin can permit limited users who can easily access the data and files stored over the file servers. It is very helpful for organizations that work with a remote workforce.

4. Quick Data Recovery

By using cloud-based file sharing solutions, you don’t need to worry about the files that you store as they are always backed up. Even if you lost or delete files accidentally, you can easily recover them by selecting the Recover option from the main Dashboard.

This solution saves you a lot of time as you can quickly search for the lost files from the Search bar and can get all the lost files recovered in no time.

5. Remote Access

The best thing about using a File Sharing Solution powered by Cloud computing is you can have full access to all the files and data from a remote location. The solution comes as a mobile app, that lets you use it from your mobile device or tablet device, or computer.

File Share Solution is an essential tool to manage the data of an organization with a remote workforce. With easy data sharing and quick access to files, this solution makes your work easier. Explore the list of its advantages and gain all the details before you make up your mind on choosing the suitable file sharing solution from the market.

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