What do you Need to know Before Choosing a Perfume?

A fragrance for men can say a lot, as attracting the opposite sex or the same is not an easy task to carry out. However, when buy cologne cheap, it is essential to know each of the formats on the market, to access the one you need taking into account the occasion in which they will be used.

One of the fragrances most chosen by men when it comes to seducing. Precisely, it has a citrus touch of mandarin, grapefruit and mint, which makes it really attractive. It is an extremely fresh fragrance and since its launch in 2008, it has become the star of the brand.

How to Choose a Perfume?

There are fragrances that are preferred because they convey sensuality and masculinity regardless of the situation in which the man is. However, it is valid to note that there is a distinction between perfume, cologne and parfum.

In this way, before choosing the correct fragrance it is essential to distinguish between the different formats that exist, to buy the right one for the occasion. Precisely, the cologne is characterized by having between 6 and 8% essence, therefore, its format is lighter.

In general, the cologne is advisable to use them during the summer season, since they are fresher and their continuous use in no case means excess. This happens because it is softer and its application can be repeated several times a day. Certainly, for those who are lovers of much stronger fragrances, cologne is not a good alternative to consider.

The so-called Cologne is nothing other than cologne, where the concentration of the essence varies between 8 and 15%. In this way, it preserves its freshness but increases the fixation of the fragrance, with an estimate of up to three hours. It is generally used by those who want a fresh scent without being too strong.

On the other hand, the perfume or parfum water concentration reaches 18% and its fixation is approximately six hours from the moment of application. It is an alternative to perfumes, because its concentration is lower, they turn out to be much cheaper.

Parfum or perfume refers to one of the highest concentrations on the market. Precisely, its graduation ranges between 20 and 30% and its duration can have an extension of up to eight hours. It is usually used in very small quantities and its duration will last despite the different tasks that are performed.

Finally, there is the elixir that is a higher concentration than a perfume, therefore, its value is higher. They are sold in smaller jars due to their more efficient fixation.

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