Virgo Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

The week may begin with a fresh air of joy and happiness in your love life. But, as the week progresses, the planetary movement is to bring highs and lows in your personal life. Maintain your cool else you will lose momentum. There may be few fights and misunderstandings but nothing to worry about as both of you will be having much better planetary support during the weekend. So, if there are any doubts or misunderstandings, some meaningful conversations around the weekend may help you to restore normalcy.


The favourable planetary influences during this week may help you to rely on your instincts and your own inner guidance. You have clarity about what you have to do and just get on with it. There shall be rewards for sustained effort as the week progresses. You will be setting new directions to achieve your long term goals. Overall, your increased confidence in your own abilities will guide you throughout this week and this period will see you becoming a new and different person.


No major ailment is foreseen this week. The week seems good to regain vitality and adopt a healthy lifestyle to ensure excellent energy levels and stamina. Robust health is foreseen for you, and you may be able to lead a healthy life this week. Including natural food in your diet can help to keep you fit and fine. Your positive approach may add to your fitness. Your strong endurance may help you negate the issues efficiently. Overall, you may enjoy good health and good energy level during the most of the part of this week.


Good inflow of money may enliven your spirits during this week. In the beginning of this week, you are likely to buy costly gadgets and spend a substantial amount on luxuries of life. The desire to flaunt your affluence will be the driving force here. You will not have any issue servicing the debt and repaying any debt or loan. But, you need to be cautious in your financial decisions during the ending part of this week. Keep in mind that one wrong decision and you may disturb your financial stability. Avoid being adventurous about money matters around the weekend.


You will be able to make some strong action-oriented plans which will lift your career progression. As the days go by you will be clearer about how you want to achieve desired progress. Business persons need to keep a close watch on your competitors so that you can earn better net profit. Planetary movements seem favorable to strike good, profitable deals. The latter part of this week may bring some good opportunities for growth and gain and hence the week may end on a positive note.

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