The Various Uses of Concrete Barriers

Various types of barriers have different uses, mainly in offering security, safety, and stability solutions. Concrete barriers are the most effective in creating immovable blocks. They are used to block access, set aside road spaces, or secure a property. There are two ways of acquiring concrete barriers, namely buying and hiring. This is possible because concrete barriers are precast, making them portable, reusable, and durable. Here are the common uses of precast concrete barriers.

To Block Access

Even though concrete barriers are precast and transported to the place of use, their weight makes them almost impossible to move or infringe. This feature has made them the best choice for long-term projects such as;

  • Protecting property from intrusion and trespass
  • Keeping people and vehicles from potential hazard areas like areas prone to landslides, buildings and roads under construction, and deep waters.
  • Protecting property from raiding by vehicles (ram-raiding)

To Block View

This is especially so but not limited to construction sites located in populated areas. The continuous works can be distracting to road users and potentially cause gruesome road accidents. Some projects demand privacy and protection measures. You can acquire high precast concrete barriers, which interlock to form a continuous solid wall that inhibits spying, snooping and interruption of privacy.

Controlling Traffic

Another function of concrete barriers is to delineate road spaces. The structure of concrete barriers makes them ideal for guiding traffic. The weight gives them stability that is not affected by the constant vibrations from transport mediums such as heavy trucks and trains. In the event of an accident where a car bumps against the concrete barriers, the damage is minimal.

Other creative uses

Jersey and legato concrete barriers are used to set apart storage bays and parking spaces. Businesses and companies combine all the mentioned uses with branding by painting or attaching high visibility advertisements. For construction and road traffic guiding, attaching reflectors helps in night visibility. It is possible to customize concrete barriers aesthetically to match the commercial or residential property surroundings.

Getting concrete barriers

As mentioned earlier, you can either purchase or hire a concrete barrier. Here are some tips to help you decide which method best fits your needs.

Hiring: If you need concrete barriers for a limited period, hiring is the best option. The terms are very flexible. You can initiate a short time hiring agreement, and then extend terms progressively. The company transports the concrete barriers to your location and picks them up at the end of the contract. If by chance you decide to buy the barriers, the contract terms change flexibly.

Choose to buy concrete forming barriers if you need them for a long-term project. You can re-use precast concrete barriers in different sites. You have the liberty to customize and brand the concrete barriers you purchase. It helps to do away with recurrent hiring costs.

You can search the internet to find companies that hire and sell concrete barriers in your locality. Contact them, ask for quotes, choose the terms that best suit your need, prepare a budget and explore the many uses of concrete barriers to your advantage.

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