The New Breed of Social Media Stars

Carlos Castillo Diaz, also known as Charlie Diaz on this social media

Building a business and making it climb the ladder of success requires an awful lot of hard work in 2021. There is so much competition that it is almost impossible not to do something that the opponent has not done. Each move is counted, and every decision is evaluated in the initial years of the business. The new era has redefined the operation of companies. Today, the hype of the business is created even before it is launched. And the easiest way to do this is by using the power of social media.

Social media is the one weapon that every new and old business in 2021 needs to be equipped with. A company that does not have any social media presence is questioned for its existence and operations. Similarly, to introduce or establish a business’s social media presence, one needs to contact the experts, the ‘influencers.’ They are the ones who practically run the world of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, so getting in touch with them is the first and the foremost step to enter and create a prominent name in the social media world.

According to recent researches, there are approximately 500,000 active Instagram influencers around the globe. Each of them belongs to a particular niche and have a separate and huge following. Among many who are slowly setting the basis for a potentially new workforce is Carlos Castillo Diaz, also known as Charlie Diaz on this social media. This talented youngster has a strong following on TikTok and Instagram and is known for his effortless marketing techniques and excellent audience reach.

A Chance for Everyone to Grow

Social media today is very different from how it was perceived a decade ago. It was initially created to connect people worldwide and provide a platform for them to communicate easily and effectively. But the dynamics of social media have completely transformed today. It has emerged as a new tool that imparts knowledge, a source of earning, and an easy and approachable way to become a known face. Social media has empowered the general public to reach the status of the A-listed celebrities and movie stars.

Born on November 12th, 2001, in San Luis Obispo in California, a state in the USA, to Maria Teresa Diaz and Leandro Diaz Perez, Charlie spent a normal childhood. He grew up in the small town of Nipomo in California. He attended the Dana Elementary School in 2007. I moved to Mesa Middle School in 2013 to complete his middle school and then moved to Nipomo High school to complete his high school in 2015. During his high school years, Charlie developed his interest in Soccer and Tennis. He was an active and energetic player and was part of a soccer club called Central Coast Condors. During his Junior year, he was nominated for MVP and tennis and was also a team Captain. In his senior year, he was team captain for soccer and tennis and was also MVP for both sports.

Along with his team, Charlie traveled to play hundreds of tournaments in California, including an International Tournament. Each member of his team was exceptional at his craft. They played at the highest league possible for their age group and were the best team in California amongst their age group. But since every good thing comes to an end, his team began to dissolve too. This is when Charlie officially stepped into the world of social media.

Being a Gen-Zer, Charlie’s inclination and fascination towards social media is no surprise. Although he was exposed to the world of social media from a very young age, Charlie was not very prominent among the masses. But with his sharp observational skills and knowledge, he has efficiently made use of social media’s power and has become a known face within no time.

Charlie is an Associate’s Degree holder from Allan Hancock College, which is located in Santa Maria. He began exploring the strengths of social media initially through Instagram and YouTube. But it was TikTok that gave him his first break as a social media celebrity. Social media platforms are undoubtedly an easy way to success, but it requires consistency and hard work to make a ‘good’ name in this rat race. Diaz began TikTok in 2020 and has managed to create a follower list of over

two hundred thousand followers and over 7 million Likes under six months across all of his videos. Currently, Charlie is transferring to California University to complete his bachelor’s degree. He continues to grow as a Social media influencer with his unique video making skills and seamless marketing and promoting strategies.

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