Taurus Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

This week you need to control your speech to have a peaceful relationship with your partner. There can be sudden disagreement with your spouse. You might get attracted to someone and succeed in a love relationship. Ego clashes and arguments because family members can lead your relationship problems. Meeting with a new partner can be there. Give some time to understand each other. In marital life stay away from getting aggressive and try to spend quality time with your partner. Avoid arguments in the marital relationship. Try to be down to earth, to have a peaceful week in your marital life. The health of your spouse also needs care during this week.


Aggression can lead to wrong decisions and affect your relationship with friends. Self-study can be a better option than the group study. Those of you waiting to get admission in a foreign country or the new course will get fulfil their desire. Students of religious subject or art’s related subject will get success in their projects. There can be new learning related to digital media for those who are students of marketing or computer science. You should give complete devotion to your subject to get the desired result this week. Students can get depressed because of negative thoughts and over-analysis.


Stress will be there because of the workload so you are advised to do mediation. Healthy diet and light exercise will give good health. The work-related problem could make you feel restless this week. Keep your mind at ease and work on priority based. This can give a stress-free and healthy week. There can be skin problems so be cautious with hygiene. You might get stress or pain in your eyes during this week. It will be good to have a proper health check-up and having a healthy diet which gives good eye sights. Aggression can lead you towards over stress and mental agitation which can give health issues.


Financial planning will be needed for this week. There can be expenditure on travelling and trips with friends and colleagues. Clear all the tax-related matters to stay away from legal matters. Expenses will be there to learn the secret knowledge like occult science, tarot card reading or in healing courses. Plan your expenditure and saving in advance for this week. Challenges related to unplanned travelling and unwanted expenditure. Expenses on gifts will be there related to office and family function. Pilgrimage or shopping can give a financial crunch so it will be good if you plan your budget for this week.


This week is going to give some challenges related to family business so you need to work with patience. Research related to your project can give success in your career. The new project will be assigned to you but the workload can give stress to you. You can have success with the help of your siblings and friends in your career. The practical approach can help you in your career. There can be long-distance travelling related to your job. Chances of getting a job in a foreign company this week. You might start your own business and also you will get help from foreign friends in that.

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