Taurus Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

You are likely to get mixed results on the relationship front and may get emotionally attracted and attached to someone special. Sometimes, you may feel aloof. Giving some time to understand your new relationship rather than being judgemental in haste is advised. There are chances of some conflicts due to communication gaps in romantic life. It is best for you to forgive and forget rather than pointing at each other. Being more open about your thoughts and sharing your feelings may help you overcome all misunderstandings in the relationship. Otherwise, you may have to face a difficult situation. Avoid being aggressive and give some space to your partner may help you a lot in strengthening your relationship.


You are likely to get favourable results on the educational front. There may be a school picnic or trip to a cultural program, so go for it without a second thought as you are likely to explore new educational areas. There may be an inclination for learning music or creative writing. Sports students may have miscommunication with their mentor. It is best for you to think and analyse properly before acting on anything as one wrong decision may enhance your pressure for this week. Avoiding the company of the wrong people is suggested. Learning a new skill may help you in your studies. Creative work and ideas may give success in your projects. Fashionistas or bloggers may learn vital things this week.


You may keep fit if you practice exercise regularly. Proper rest is also immensely required to stay relaxed rather than overindulging in work. The temptation of junk food and cold beverages may be there, but it is advisable to avoid it. A nutritious diet and giving up all bad habits, including smoking, are advised to you. This may help you a lot in maintaining better wellness and stay away from health issues that are likely to happen this week.


In money and financial matters, you may get favourable results. In case you lend money with others, no worries you may recover it back soon. Short business trips may give success. Financial help and gains from siblings and other family members may be there. Married natives may get monetary support from their In-laws. You may spend on communication devices or electronic gadgets. An inclination for joining discreet educational courses may be there to you this week. If you are planning to apply for a loan, it is best for you to postpone for the time being. Expenditure on health-related matters may be there. Your spouse may help and guide in your business plan and work, and you are likely to get quick success and promising gains this week.


You are suggested to be calm at the workplace. Peaceful communication with your business partner may be favourable. Avoiding aggression may help you to overcome challenges in the workplace. An influential position may come your way at the workplace. Short distance travelling may be there this week. Writing emails and messages in the group may play a vital role in the job front. You are suggested to confirm the details of the message and mail before sending it. So, all in all, communication and commitment are likely to play a crucial role in your professional life.

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