Spain registers 7,461 new COVID cases

spain covid

Spain has registered 7,461 new coronavirus cases and 443 more deaths.

The 14-day infection rate has decreased from nearly 900 cases to 235 per 100,000 residents in less than a month. That’s moved Spain from the “extreme risk” level to “high risk.”

But with hospitals and their intensive care units still grappling with high levels of occupation, health authorities have warned the rate of contagion needs to lower before restrictions are lifted.

Although it has taken Spain seven weeks to fully vaccinate 1.2 million people and administer the first of two shots to nearly 2 million, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said Tuesday the country is still in track to vaccinate 20 million by the end of June and 33 million by the end of summer.

The country has reached a total of 3.1 million cases and 68,000 confirmed deaths.

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