Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th Feb 2021


Love and Relationships

Those who are facing disputes in love and relationship may take a deep breath. The influence of waxing Moon and Venus is likely to resolve these issues soon. Many of you may experience that the importance of relationships in your life is escalating gradually. Couples may plan foreign trips to stay away from hectic schedules and spend some quality together. This may help to enhance intimacy and shower sweetness in your relationship. Singles looking for a suitable alliance may get a marriage proposal. Once you meet your potential one, it is best for you to spend some time together for a thorough understanding before taking your relationship to the next level.


Students may get fascinated by learning new things, especially if they are planning to pursue a practical learning program rather than working on the nitty-gritty. Some of you may join as an apprentice or intern. This may help to improve the practical knowledge of the subject, so you are suggested to stay focused and avail maximum benefits. Students pursuing sports coaching and professional athletes are likely to do well in their respective game. Some renowned sportsmen may be impressed by your efforts and likely to become your mentor. Those who are planning to pursue management courses from foreign universities may get favourable results this week. If you are awaiting a call for admission, then you may get success this week.


You may plan to give up your addictions if any. Some of you may take your resolution seriously, while others may be struggling for it. Although you are inclined to late-night driving for adventure, it is advisable to avoid it and be careful while driving as there are chances of accidents. You may suffer from some allergies and burns. You may feel stressed due to work pressure. So, for refreshment, you may plan to dine out for lunch or dinner. But it is advisable to avoid it as this may affect your health rather spend some time in natural serenity to keep your mind calm.


Moneywise, the week is likely to be favourable. Those who are looking for credit facilities may get a sanction letter at ease. Some of you may have earnings from different sources, which may help you to improve your bank balance. It is best for you to stay focused on your goals. Investments may fetch promising returns if a decision is made after consulting experts. You are advised to thoroughly analyze market trends and ensure you are right in your approach. Real estate investments may also reap favourable results. Investment in vehicles may also be a good option now.


Your career may progress this week. You may find a lack of vitality in the workplace. Although you may not enjoy some task, you are likely to continue sincerely. Therefore, new opportunities may come up to you. Check your area of interest and make the right choice from the opportunities in hand is a piece of advice this week. Chances of expansion are on the cards for the businessmen. In fact, your hard work may offer favourable results now. Some of you may think to take a break from the routine. However, it is not advisable to do so, as you may face losses due to this decision.

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