Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

Singles are likely to enjoy this week. You will find your friend circle slowly expanding and this will be reason for some of you to come in contact with a special individual. Love will blossom and the two of you will be happy with each other. Again, relationships will be important for you this week. Married life will be interesting. Weekend plans are likely to be interesting. A short trip is seen. But avoid driving to the destination if it’s too long. Late night driving is not likely to be encouraging. Full family is likely to be in a better mood in life this week.


The week is good for students of medicine and pharmacy. You are likely to do well in all your internal assessments. This will help you in your overall grads and performance. Small gains are good for long term achievements. If planning to pursue a Master, in any field, then the week is likely to give you the support of a good mentor. They would be helpful in improving your assessments. Some of you will be interested in undertaking a career in sports. The week will enable you to take part in competition, however the outcome may not be as per the expectation.


Health will be delicate initially. Some of you will suffer from stomach related problems, which will affect your system. But this is mainly due to improper timing of diet. Take a proper diet. Some of you will plan to go for a walk after dinner. Therefore, your fitness will be good. Working out in the gym will be interesting to some of you. This will be improving and shall also bring many good gains in your life. Slowly some of you will do away with the addiction that you have been unable to do away with for a long time.


Money earning will be good. Those working on weekly targets are likely to improve their fortune. Earnings through incentives are likely to be high. This will make you feel confident. Only advice: do not lend money to anyone this week. You can be deceived easily. Also, for some of you the week is good to invest in real estate. Even investing in vehicles is likely to bring good returns. If dealing in a second hand vehicle, then you must not invest in any vehicle that is overused. Also, the week is good to invest in gold and precious commodities. If investing in gems, then consult an expert first to suit your zodiac sign.


Career is likely to be improving this week. Those of you were looking for some good opportunity to come their way, will be delighted with the offer that will come this week. If unemployed for long, then you will certainly find a better offer in hand to work. Earnings will be stable and this will give you some career satisfaction. Again, some of you will be interested in undertaking part time earnings. Try to be careful in all your actions. Else your seniors can reprimand your silly mistake. This can also be an insult amongst many other problems.

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