Minimalist Ultimate Travel Tips: How to Pack Like a Pro


Whether you are packing for a vacation or going on a business trip, it is nice to travel light. Minimalists have an advantage, regarding financial and mobility. Once you choose to pack light, you will have a much easier life on the road.

You will be more comfortable, more mobile, and you can save money too because considering a carry-on bag avoids many overcharges on flights. Recently, some airlines provided us motivation to lighten up our baggage, with some fees for checked baggage, restriction for carry-on items, and weight limits for both.

Transport by taxi to your hotel can be another hassle too, particularly with extra fees tacked on in some locations for late-night fares, airport pickups, and baggage by the piece. Additionally, in some other countries where small vehicles are prevalent, your big luggage might not even fit in the trunk.

Think and Pack like a Minimalist

No matter how long is your travel, you just need to pack one week’s worth of women’s or men’s clothing. Just make sure to bring the essentials like your sunglasses, favorite koozies, and headphones. Here’s how to pack and think like a minimalist.

Layer to alter your look

This style provides you more clothes and the flexibility to adapt to the changes in weather. For example, if your travel takes you to different climate zones, or you run into a cold snap or heatwave, you can have a variety of fashion choices with a long-sleeve button-down shirt, tank tops, camisoles, and a cardigan which you can mix-match in multiple ways.

Dress it up or down

Lightweight and wrinkle-resistant separate outfits that can go casual or dressy make the most of every inch of packable capacity. During the day, wear semi-formal tops then pair it with cargo pants. In the evening, pair them with a tube skirt that is wrinkle-free and ballet flats for a more sophisticated look.

Bring adequate footwear

Shoes are one of the essentials, and they can take up the most space in your luggage. So without going overboard, think about what is suitable for the activities you already planned.

Be a minimalist with toiletries

Cut down your list to what is necessary. Hotels got skimpier with resources, but you can live off the land for shampoo and soap. If you are using makeup, bring just enough to last for the length of your journey, samples or small containers will be great. A set of eyeshades and a pair of earplugs weigh almost nothing and can help you get enough beauty rest in hotel rooms that are noisy.

Put on the bulkiest things in transit

It’s not just applicable for shoes, but also for clothing too. Thick jeans which take up much room in the suitcase, are excellent for trips because they are very durable. Avoid traveling in a skirt or shorts, which you can pack easily. If the weather is too warm for a coat or jacket that you bring, you can just sling it over your arm.

Wash, rinse, repeat

You can not surpass the convenience of laundry service in a hotel, but it can cost you almost the same price as certain clothing. In some other places, self-service laundromats are your only option. There is also some drop-off laundry service which is a happy middle-ground for you.

Three rules for the minimalist journey

1. Carry versatile items instead of special-case items

Focus on things that you can use all the time, and think twice about bringing things that you will only use on particular occasions. For example, you can just borrow or rent some equipment that’s bulky to carry. But you should bring personal and dual-purpose items, like koozies and scarves. If there is an unexpected situation on your travel, you can mostly find an inexpensive temporary fix instead of bringing something just-in-case stuff for your whole trip.

2. Avoid packing more than one week’s worth of outfits

It is much easier to wash your clothes than to pack a week’s worth of clothes. Choose some flexible favorites outfits with a plain color palette so that you can just easily mix-and-match your clothes.

3. Pack the things that you need, not the things you want

It is just easy to think of all types of “what if” situations in your head that will never occur. If it is your first big tour, you might think about packing a lot of things just because bringing more stuff somehow feels comforting, even though it will just weigh you down. Try to pack less and focus only on the right essentials.


Learning the skill of “carry-on only” trip can define the contrast between breezing through customs and airport security like a ninja or getting helpless to your destination without anything but the stuff on your back. The objective here is just to do more while traveling with less baggage by packing smarter.

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