Microsoft to add new features to Office mobile apps

(IANS) Microsoft is all set to bring voice command, video and other features to its Office mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms.

The company will be delivering some of its promised “conversational AI” technology in Cortana starting with iOS, new ways for users to create short videos using Microsoft Lens and other productivity updates for Teams, Outlook and other Office apps.

According to the officials, conversational AI technology with Cortana is something Microsoft highlighted back at its Build 2019 conference. At that time, the company showcased how users would be able to get Cortana to understand and respond to “turn-by-turn” kinds of interactions, ZDNet reported on Monday.

This capability will begin rolling out in Outlook for iOS “for email, calendar and search in the coming weeks,” the officials added.

Microsoft also has renamed its Office Lens app to Microsoft Lens.

The company plans to “soon” introduce the ability for users to create short video content that uses Lens’ scanning technology and embed that content in its Teams Mobile apps.

Instead of just being useful for tasks like scanning receipts, Lens will enable the integration of “short video bites” into Teams chat.

By building Lens into Teams, users can record a short video, annotate it with text and emojis, do basic editing and more, the report said.

Microsoft officials said this capability will get integrated into Teams in preview by the end of the quarter.

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