Libra Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th Feb 2021


Love and Relationships

This week may bring excitement and the lost romance back in your life. You are likely to face some challenges in your relationship, so it is best for you to be prepared for overcoming it tactfully. Those who are in committed relationships seeking parents approval to get married may receive a favourable response from them this week. There are chances of some heated arguments between the couple who are married recently. It is suggested to avoid such arguments, and in case there is any, try to resolve it at the earliest and patch up with their partner. Singles may have to wait for some time to meet their soulmate.


This may be a favourable time for learning. You are likely to be satisfied with your preparations. Those who are appearing for university or board exams may have to double their efforts to get the desired results. This may help you to boost your confidence. will enable you to be confident of your preparation. The week is also promising for those who are pursuing homeschooling and facing difficulties in learning and preparation. Therefore, they may enhance their knowledge. Overall, the week is a bit challenging for academics. Hence, it is best for you to avoid taking minor failures to heart and focus on the ultimate goal.


Your health may need a lot of attention this week. Practising yoga and meditation may help to keep your mind relaxed. In case you are not able to do it until now, take it easy, this may be a favourable time to start. A calm mind is likely to help you in involving vital things. Keeping a track on your health concerns may be beneficial in both short as well as long term. Those who are suffering from any prolonged disease may see improvement in their health.


The week may be favourable for your financial prosperity. Chances of some unexpected rewards are on the cards, especially for the businessmen. Those who have joined a partnership firm recently may experience swift transitions with partners. You are likely to get support from your associates. Their guidance may help you to succeed in your undertakings. You are suggested to consider this as a valuable asset for your business and take maximum advantage of the boost that you are likely to get. You are likely to purchase land or property, which may enhance your assets. It is best for you to avoid lending money this week.


This week may bring a lot of positive changes on the professional front. You may find new career opportunities this week, so it is advisable to be ready to utilize them optimally. You are likely to change a current job or be thinking of doing it. Maintaining a good rapport with your previous employer is suggested as this may help you later in life. You are suggested to choose your words wisely to save yourself from conflicts and misunderstandings. Businessmen are likely to finalize overseas deals that they may have been waiting for a long time.

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