Libra Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

This week, you are likely to enjoy a lot with your loved ones. Mutual love and trust may prevail in a relationship. You and your partner are likely to share happy moments of togetherness. You may be able to please your partner by your sense of humour and romantic feelings. Married couples who had tied the knot recently may be able to express their true feelings to their beloved at ease. This may bring you closer to your partner and strengthen your bond. In case you are planning to conceive, this week may prove to be favourable for you. It is advisable to avoid arguments and misunderstandings and also try to give importance to your partner’s emotions.


The good work and efforts of your part week is likely to come up this week. You will feel more confident that will enable you to improve your fortune. Yes, good learning will enable you to improve your score and shall also give you the required internship opportunity. Therefore, continue to work on good efforts and this will enable you to fetch good score. If planning to seek admission in a reputed institute within or outside India, then you are likely to do well. Only advice is do not pursue any group study which will be difficult to pursue. There is likely going to be lack of concentration.


This week will bring a lot of positive energy on the health front. Professionals may find that they are putting in long hours in the office and are becoming fatigued. Your desire to be successful and provide for yourself and your family are commendable. However, all these extra hours are likely to affect both your health and your relationships. At least try to keep your work and home lives separate so that no resentment grows among your family members or partner. Those who are undergoing any treatment for serious ailment, are advised to strictly follow the instructions of the doctors.


This week will make you earn more money than you were expecting. You will be able to discover an extra source of income by the end of this week. You will be able to make good money out of your earlier investments and deals. Charity is always beneficial. Donating a part of your earnings gets you more than a cut in your tax; it brings you many blessings! Remember, just as good things come to you from somewhere, you must also pay it forward. After all, what you give is what you receive eventually, such is life!


This week will be full of positive developments on the professional front for the people of this zodiac. All your hard work has paid off and you achieve your goals. Enjoy your moment of glory as accolades come your way. At the same time, you must not forget that this has come to you because you have combined creativity and imagination with logic and practicality. Everyone likes your ideas and you will be appreciated for your work too. Carry on the way you are and all you will get is one opportunity to grow after another! Cheers!

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