Leo Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th Feb 2021


Love and Relationships

This may be a favourable time for the people in love. Those who are waiting for the proposal from the potential one may get it this week. However, love and romance vibes may get stronger. So, it is advisable to continue the efforts to impress someone special. But do not go overboard, and become aggressive in following someone special is a piece of advice for the week. Over attention and love may not favour you if the partner is not responsive. Natives planning to take their committed relationship to the next level may get positive planetary influence during this week.


Your intelligence and hard work may help you to do well in studies and examinations. Teachers and friends may support your efforts. This may be the time when you are likely to proceed with your studies with immense interest. But it is advisable to move forward smoothly. You may also gain appreciation due to your active participation in cultural activities. There may be possibilities of some minor quarrels or tiffs with friends. Try to keep your emotions and behaviour under check is a piece of advice for this week. Maintaining friendly relations with them may be helpful in many ways.


You may maintain satisfactory fitness this week if you smartly deal with the stress and work pressure. Practising yoga, meditation, and fitness regime may offer some relief from it. You may indulge in creative hobbies and play with kids to overcome your restlessness. It is best for you to manage your lifestyle and avoid late-night dinners. Try to have a proper sleep and avoid working late at night. Take the required precautions and continue with your medication in case you are facing any health issues. It is advisable to maintain a balanced diet to safeguard yourself from mineral and vitamin deficiencies. This may help to ensure the improvement of energy level and keep you fit.


There are chances of some kind of uncertainty about future financial prospects. It is best for you to review and revise your monetary strategies and plan ahead. You are suggested to avoid making crucial decisions related to money and finance. It may be a time to commence result-oriented action. Your intelligent moves may help in yielding promising monetary gains gradually. Planetary transits may also support you to enhance your financial prospects. The window of fruitful results may open this week and is likely to empower your financial strength.


This week may remain favourable for businessmen as well as jobholders. You may feel a bit dull, and your self-confidence may get shaken initially. Additionally, it may demand that you put in extra efforts for achieving the desired results. You may feel insecure and anxious at times. So you are suggested to overcome this and have faith in your capabilities and strengths. Take it easy, this phase is likely to pass soon. There may be challenges in routine activities, so gear yourself for it as you may emerge out better at the end. Gradually, you are likely to find opportunities that help to yield success. So remaining upbeat and optimistic is a piece of advice this week.

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