Leo Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

You may be confused about the way to move forward in the crisis. This dilemma may seem acute while sorting out issues in personal relationships. At times, you may feel aloof as you may not have anyone to confide into. It is best for you to stay relaxed and let your inner voice direct you. With time all confusions and doubts in your mind are likely to get clear, and you may be able to rectify the situations efficiently. They may help to strengthen your bond with your beloved.


Good progress is likely to be seen in education-front during this week. You are suggested to be more focused on studies and finish your lessons/projects on time. It is advisable to maintain smooth relations with friends, and also ensure that your health doesn’t affect your studies. Due to your overconfidence, at times, you may take your studies casually, and this may create unnecessary disruptions. So you are advised to continue your preparation with full determination, and this may give you favourable results later.


General health precautions and nutritious diet may help you keep fit during this week. Overall there may not be any major ailments to you, and your health condition may remain satisfactory. But some emotional ups and downs and vulnerabilities are likely to be there, which may affect your health. In case you are suffering from any chronic issues, you are suggested to be careful and ensure regular check-up.


Finance or investments related matters may be at the centre-stage. This week, you may be keen to infuse sound and long term strategy ahead. Your goal during this week is likely to increase your cash inflow. You may get some excellent opportunities, which may help you to empower your financial strengths. But financial decisions are suggested to be taken with proper analysis and expert advice. You are likely to enjoy the pleasures of life.


This may be a favourable time to do actions on the career front. There may be a lot of twists and turns this week, so it may be challenging for you to coordinate things effectively. So your overall performance may get affected at the workplace or in business. It is advisable to be careful and brace up yourself for critical times. Conditions may begin to improve, and you are likely to find yourself much better placed later.

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